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Competition is tough these days on the internet. With millions of websites existing on the world wide web today and each trying to get a share of the advertising pie, a site should not just be left on its own after being created and kept running online. Websites need to be constantly monitored in order to drive traffic and achieve its business goals particularly for the ecommerce sites.

One vital aspect of websites that need to be kept track of pertains to demographics. Webmasters should take it upon themselves to determine the type of people that visit their sites as well as their attitudes. I know of certain software applications that can do this and there’s also an analytics service meant for such purpose.

I highly recommend Crowd Science Demographics which is a very helpful tool. With this new analytics service, webmasters, publishers, bloggers and even advertisers can now do an in-depth analysis of their site’s demographics and their attitudes towards products and services. What this service does is create questionnaires to survey a website’s visitors and then from the answers, comprehensive profiles are made giving publishers and bloggers an opportunity to know their audience well. The information gathered spans more than just the IP addresses of the target audience and page views because demographics and attitudes of a small number of visitors on specific subject matters are also known.

I’m sure those engaged in internet marketing including blogging are aware of the importance of being able to know and understand your target audience as well as the current market condition in an effort to successfully achieve specific goals. This is where marketing research proves valuable. Crowd Science recognizes this need and utilizes research techniques in a non-intrusive way. It makes use of surveys through questionnaires to gather the right information.

Of course, the questionnaires are well constructed, short and straight to the point in order to really get the truth. The main goal is to keep the visitors engaged during the survey and not bore them.

The whole process is simple. To avail of the Crowd Science Demographics service, all you need is to sign up for a personal or premium account then add your site and tag your pages. And that’s it. No need to worry about anything else.

By having an account, you can then gain access to a lot of great features. There are four types of invitations and colors to choose from. Users have also full control of their data through the account interface which they can view either by hour-in-day or day-in-week. They can decide who else should be given access to the data and in what form such as in bar charts or in pie format.

I would also like to point out here that users of this analytics service can customize their questions in their demographic questionnaires. In other words, you are free to ask your visitors anything you want and get the results together with the main demographic information. You have a choice between using a multiple choice and one answer question and a multiple choice and multiple answer question.

The greatest benefit that I like is that Crowd Science can keep track of not just one but multiple websites. These sites can be organized in various ways such as by groups or topics. Additionally, users can check out reports according to a specific audience subgroup either by age, gender or group.

Crowd Science is a must-tool if you really want to get to know your audience better and attract more people to your website.

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