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WordPress Weekly: Episode 41 – Interview With Scott Wallick

Tonight, Jeff Chandler is back with another episode of WordPress Weekly, live on Talkshoe at 8pm EST and tonight he will be talking to Scott Wallick, the originator of the SandBox theme for WordPress, and someone I have linked to often, better known to most of you as

They aim to talk about the Sandbox theme, as well as Scott’s sale of the theme, and his site. I hope to hear about his future plans, and that he is not only considering the money involved in selling his site, but making sure the best possible person is found to take over the myriad of themes he’s released.

Check out WordPress Weekly this evening at 8pm, or hit up the archive of the show after it is complete. One of the best things about doing a podcast on Talkshoe is that you can interact with it, so if you have any questions for Scott, I suggest you attend live in the chat room.

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