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Writing Your Own Blog Software: Anyone Still Do That?

I have been playing around with CodeIgniter lately, and re-learning PHP. For those that are interested in picking up what I am learning, please check out Devlounge.

It has me thinking though about blogging platforms. There are so many great options out there that I wonder how often people create their own anymore? Have we come to the point where one platform or another fulfills nearly every need, and those that program their own blog software do so only to prove that they can or are people still programming their own blogging platform because there is something missing from a feature or workflow standpoint?

I have thought about programming my own blogging software, but that is only because I don’t need something very complex, and so it would be easy to write, and would allow me to learn more about programming, and not because I am necessarily missing anything by using WordPress.

If you’ve thought about, or taken on the task of making your own blogging software, let me know why in the comments below.

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  1. Luke L says: 2/6/2009

    I’m just putting the finishing touches to my own blogging site at the moment made with Kohana (a PHP 5 fork of CodeIgniter) before I launch it. I decided to go down the custom route so I could add features that I want and build a base that is suitable for other types of content (not just blog posts). It’s also an invaluable learning experience. I tend to use WordPress and other off-the-shelf apps for work as they’re quick, powerful and easy to use for non-tech people, but having to hack around and make plugins to make it fit what I want to do isn’t in my nature.


  2. Steve says: 2/6/2009

    It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but I always seems to have some other project to do instead.

    I use WordPress on all of my blogs at the moment. From a user’s perspective WP is a very good product: the admin panel is nice, it has tons of plugins and themes and it’s updated often. From a developer’s point of view it is not so good – there is not a clean abstraction between logic and presentation and much of the code is very messy.

    And so I’d just like to have a lean, clean and simple blogging platform that I could build upon when needed.


  3. Miguel says: 2/22/2009

    I build my own blogging software because I wanted to optimize the performance of the site for ads, speed and seo. I used many API’s as well as frameworks some of which include Yahoo!’s Yui, BlueprintCSS and Google Friendconnect.


  4. mikeyaozm says: 9/19/2009

    I use WordPress on all of my blogs at the moment. From a user’s perspective


  5. Manuel says: 7/22/2010

    I wrote my own blogging software mainly to be able to show it off as an example of my coding and design abilities. I wrote it in java and also used some libraries that I wrote (for example I am using my own custom written template engine to generate the html), but also because it is easier for me to customize and optimize my own software. Another reason I am not using wordpress is that I don’t like php. The downside to all of this is that I am better at programming that at blogging which means that although I enjoy tweaking my blogging engine, there is still not much content on my blog :(


  6. Razish says: 1/13/2011

    I am in the process of writing my own custom blogging software.
    It started as a desire for a personal and professional site that would house my portfolio and blog, giving people an insight to my workings. I plan on writing about various programming and technology related problems/ideas I come across, and also offering my thoughts on predicaments in life.
    I initially wanted to go for WordPress, because that’s just the first piece of software that comes to mind, but as I started setting it up I found it to be a major pain to work with, and also it was just too heavy for my likings (I have some pretty awesome OCD =p)
    I began writing my own lightweight blogging software in PHP with MySQLi, which was the first time I’d touched HTML/CSS in ~5 years, and my first real PHP/MySQL experience (I come from a C/C++/Assembly game development background)
    Having a bit of programming background, I appreciate learning PHP by taking on a task such as this. It offers great opportunities to write software that suit your needs, introduce new design concepts, and let you solve problems in a way that will better yourself as a programmer.
    Another thing I appreciate as a programmer is prototyping. I frequently ask small groups of people on IRC for their opinions, perhaps a feature they’d like to see added/removed, and it really gives me an insight to my site’s accessibility and intuitiveness (Read, which I find to be a *very* important and underrated aspect of websites these days.
    Perhaps I should blog about writing my blog software =p..


  7. Alina Smith says: 9/5/2011

    In that instance, all I really want is a simple word processor,
    something basic. I also like it to have a full screen mode so that I rid
    myself of distractions during the writing session. This is a personal
    preference, but I know it is important because I lose productivity
    without it.