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WordPress Theme: Compositio

Elena, the designer of this and many great blogs in the Splashpress Media blog network has released another free WordPress theme called Compositio.


Compositio is a two column theme, made to for those who want to put their content at the front with a unique light blue design. Random square shapes are the defining graphics of this theme. They are used throughout the background, bringing a special rhythm to the theme.

A special feature of this theme is the logo changer. ( Thanks to Munzir Rosdi ). You can use the default WordPress setting (“blog name”) or you can use your own logo. Upload your logo in the root folder of Compositio theme and name it logo.png. You can also use the PSD Logo Template in the source folder of Compositio Theme.

I am very excited to see how people use the theme, and its new logo feature. Kudos to Elena and the Design Disease team.

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  1. Theme says: 2/9/2009

    Lol This theme is really good. Thanks for sharing this one and keep the good work :)


  2. Amit says: 2/10/2009

    Very clean theme indeed. Like the input elements too. Nice work.


  3. Charles says: 3/30/2009

    I’ve tried to use the Compositio theme as well as the InSeense 1.0 Theme and the sub-menu is not working. On the Compositio Theme, the sub-menu appears in the parent position, even though it is set to be a sub. In the InSense theme, sub-menus don’t even show up, not as a drop down menu, nor in the parent position, like with the Compositio theme. I love both of these thems and will be happy to use either one. Does anyone have any suggestions on making the menue work correctly?

    Thank you.



  4. Breit says: 7/10/2009

    This theme is great, I had used it for months


  5. HERMES says: 7/15/2009

    it is set to be a sub. In the InSense theme, sub-menus don’t even show up, not as a drop down menu


  6. cheap watches says: 9/24/2009

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  7. Daniel says: 10/7/2009

    It’s a pity because I like the theme however, there is no integration with the wp admin and also lack of support from the authors I am loathed to keep it installed. I wonder how everyone has got around these limitations


  8. stooni says: 11/13/2009

    Very good Design, i love it, i have changed some color for me!! nop!



  9. Hermes ) says: 6/7/2010

    Great Designed. I look forward to usung it.