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WordPress Gallery “White Screen of Death”

We have all heard of Windows’ Blue Screen of Death, but have you heard of the WordPress White Screen of Death? It is an error that has popped up from time to time since WordPress 2.5, and various people have seen it, but it isn’t as common as other WordPress errors, so the bug has never been squashed, but there appears to be much talk over this error in WordPress Trac, leading up to WordPress 2.8.

Have you ever seen the following:


If you want more information on this error, and want to track its eventual fix, look at Ticket #8806 in WordPress Trac.

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  1. xxxevilgrinxxx says: 2/17/2009

    Thanks, I have had this problem so it’s good to know I’m not the only one!


  2. Millard says: 2/18/2009

    I have not seen this before. The only white screens I have seen are when I screw up the php code, LOL.

    At least I’ll know not to panic too much if I see this.


  3. johnnyTHM says: 5/31/2009

    So I activated the plugin and it won\’t display my images. I used the manager (lazyest gallery) to upload them, give them a caption, and description in my \’test\’ folder. And when I go to view the gallery, I see all the framework, and folders and titles and such, but where the picture thumbnails should be, there are white boxes. And when I browse to the folder outside wordpress, I can see that it did upload the images. Oh and yes, I\’ve restarted, checked file permissions, uploaded the plugin again, reactivated it and tried different images all to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks.