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E-mail From Matt Mullenweg

This is probably the second e-mail I have ever received about WordPress from the WordPress project itself, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Matt recently e-mailed everyone on the announcement list to let us all know that WordPress 2.7.1 has been released. The e-mail was entitled “Have some fun with WordPress two-seven-one”.

If you were living under a rock you might have missed our 2.7 release, which included the most significant interface update in WordPress’ short history and has been pretty well-received.

It’s also been pretty bug-free, which is why there was a longer-than-normal period of time before an update.

We won’t fault you for the rock thing, but for rockers and curmudgeons-who-never-upgrade-to-a-.0-release, our latest and greatest (2.7.1) is hot of the presses:

If you were on 2.7 already you might be able to just press a button (Tools -> Upgrade) and be on the new version in under 10 seconds.

I hope your Valentine’s day was filled with love and luv and chocolate,

Matt Mullenweg |

P.S. Plugin search no longer sucks:

Definitely nice to hear from Matt outside of the normal blog posts and I thought the e-mail was a great way to give out a friendly reminder that WordPress has released what will be to many, a powerful and user-friendly WordPress version.

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  1. Christopher Ross ) says: 2/19/2009

    Just a quick note, I’m not sure if it’s related specifically to the 2.7.1 upgrade but a couple of my sites experience excessive memory spikes after the upgrade and resulted in failed page loads. Just something to keep in mind before upgrading, and as always … do a full backup first.


  2. gestroud says: 2/20/2009

    Yep, I received an email also. I wonder why Matt waited so long to send it after 2.7.1′s release – kind of like telling us that Obama was voted in as president 5 days after the election. :-)


  3. شات says: 2/20/2009


    Maybe he was very busy, or mailing system lag!

    Who knows, i think they are doing great job.




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