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WordPress Theme: WPUnlimited

I have been trying out various WordPress themes for a long time now. I have commissioned some custom ones for myself, used both free and paid WordPress themes, and even released a few of my own. Today, I am releasing a new theme that solves many of my personal issues with WordPress themes, and plugins.

So yesterday, I finally officially launched WPUnlimited, a WordPress theme system that does many interesting things.

It takes things that people find normally complex, and tries to find a way to simplify them.

First off, I made sure uploading and displaying headers, and backgrounds was easy. Also WPUnlimited comes with various SEO options built-in.

WP Unlimited “Design” Tutorial from WPUnlimited on Vimeo.

Another important thing with this theme was to make sure that the main features that people normally require plugins for were no longer plugins.

Why would I do this? Well, because I wanted to put the onus on me to make sure features on your blog always worked. Plugins are usually delayed a while as WordPress versions come out, and I have always been frustrated by this. WPUnlimited includes many features, usually delegated to plugins like showing social media promotion buttons for Digg, StumbleUpon and more.

How much is WPUnlimited? Being that this is a theme that will constantly be developed, upgraded, modified, and supported, WPUnlimited is a paid WordPress theme. For a personal license you will be looking at only $59, which will allow you to install the theme on one blog, not including anything hosted locally on your computer for testing, get access to upgrades forever, and support. A developer license, which gives you access to using the theme on any number of blogs, including projects you develop is only $150, or less than three personal licenses.

Why should you care? If you are looking for a strong, easy to customize theme, that doesn’t leave you with WordPress theme files that don’t make any sense, then you’ll want to buy WPUnlimited.

If you want to make some money, I have set up an affiliate program that should entice some of you to help. I only want you to sign up if you think WPUnlimited is a good product because you shouldn’t sell what you don’t believe in. You can earn 40% on any and all sales you make, and 10% on all sales done by people you get to join the affiliate program under you.

If you want to learn more about WPUnlimited, please check out the site relating to the theme, and let me know what you think.

If you would like to see someone that has already started to use the WPUnlimited theme, check out Jim Kukral’s blog as he has begun to customize his own installation of WPUnlimited.

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  1. Brad Leclerc says: 3/4/2009

    I like it! I’ve been using it a few days now, and though I’m still tweaking it, and will likely completely change the colour scheme over the next little while (one of the best features of the theme!), I’ve got a bit of a review up on my site which can be found at


  2. Kalem Kamera says: 3/5/2009

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  3. TheWeblogZone says: 6/18/2009

    WPUnlimited rocks! I visited the demo site and I love what I saw. I think that to date, WP Unlimited is the only premium WordPress theme that rivals the capabilities of Thesis WordPress Theme. I will buy a personal license of WP Unlimited at the end of this month for a new blog I have in mind. I love WP Unlimited’s easy Adsense integration and easy background customization.

    Rocky John


  4. turgay ) says: 1/29/2011

    I am using WordPress Wp Unlimited theme.


  5. Gianni Rodenhäuser says: 3/12/2011

    how can I load or link the external themes to be changed in to WPU.
    WPU is installed and running.
    Now WPU is the current Themes in WP.

    Thanks for help. Gianni