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13 Most Essential Plugins for WordPress

NetTuts, one of my favourite sites on the web, has posted a list of what one blogger thinks are the most essential WordPress plugins. While many of them are very useful, I don’t know if all thirteen can be considered “most essential”.

Some like Akismet, are essential, but you don’t have to really seek them out as they are included with every WordPress installation, and others like Custom More Link, aren’t what I’d call “essential” in the slightest.

Check out the list, and let me know your thoughts. Did they forget something truly essential? Should they have listed some plugins that compete or duplicate some of the features to provide for choice? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. green blog says: 3/17/2009

    I prefer all-in-one-seo plugin as essential wp plugin, but i think akismet is essential too


  2. kurimas says: 3/17/2009

    WpSeo plugin is very good, so first place for him


  3. Leanne King says: 3/17/2009

    I am constantly being asked what my list of “must have” wordpress plugins are which I find nearly impossible to answer with the exception of Platinum SEO and WP Spam Free. Other than those two my list depends on the site that I am building if it will be a blog, a cms, ecommerce, automated or something else. Akismet is a great plugin but is limited to a certain number of visitors per month before you need to upgrade to the paid solution.