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Kubrick Retire? Never!

Recently, there has been a re-opening of the discussion on if Kubrick should be replaced as the default WordPress theme. While I am not a fan of the Kubrick theme itself, I find the creator, Michael Heilemann an interesting guy, and his work in Kubrick deserves continued support from the WordPress users of the world.

I think it is the original, classic theme that should be replaced, and Kubrick should become the new “classic” theme being replaced, but not displaced by a new default theme for WordPress.

I think WordPress users could still learn a lot from Kubrick, and be inspired by it. Also, it has the right amount of design for someone starting blogging.

Here are some thoughts from Jeff Chandler about the whole issue:

The way I see it, if you attack the root of the problem and replace Kubrick with a base theme that contains everything DD32 mentioned, this could do nothing but positive things for the WordPress community. First time theme developers would have an excellent base to start from and learn a thing or two in the process with documentation included within the theme.

I disagree with Jeff, and think that too many WordPress “gurus” expect early WordPress users to understand how to change a theme, but if that were the case, I think far more people would use the built-in header change tool that comes with Kubrick by default, rather than sticking with the stock settings.

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  1. 96th says: 3/31/2009

    You know what the could do? The could add a theme that’s showing all the abilities of WordPress, but do not replace Kubrick.


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  3. blances says: 4/22/2009

    Thank you


  4. Roar says: 5/6/2009

    Oh man, I agree. I think there are so many WP gurus now that treat all newbies like they are idiots. See the forums for LACK of coherent and polite replies to the most basic of questions for evidence. I am sure they would LOVE to just make it even harder for newbies to play, which SUCKS.