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40 WordPress Optimisation Tips Has posted the slides from a presentation from the A4UExpo Europe a couple days back, and it’s pretty interesting (and useful) stuff. Check it out below.

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How “Smart” Is Your Blog? just posted a list of 9 ways to make your blog “Smart”, and though the list is definitely targeted at WordPress blogs, many of the ideas can be implemented for any blog.

There’s a lot of great ideas, such as showing a custom “about” text for new visitors, how to deal with people using adblocking, and some ideas of how to increase user interactivity with your blog.

Out of the 9 tips, I say my personal favourites are the ones dealing with selective advertising and returning customers, but they are all pretty good ideas depending on the situation.

Are there any ideas you’d add to or remove from the list?

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WPWeekly – Matt Mullenweg Interview

The most recent episode of the WPWeekly podcast is one giant interview with Matt Mullenweg covering a wide range of questions and topics such as…

What is the process one must go through in order to patch a bug, complete a ticket and get it into the core of WordPress?

Can you give use your stance on selling GPL compliant themes or plugins. Is going to support commercial GPL Themes in some other way or what’s up with commercial GPL products and

Apparently improvements are being made to widgets, “Improved Widget user interface”. Can you describe those improvements and how they will affect WP Users and/or theme developers?

And that’s just scratching the surface. Check out the show notes over on WPTavern for the full list of questions that where brought up, and/or to listen to the episode. I’d highly suggest giving this episode a listen if you’re interested in the direction that WordPress is headed.

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Robert Scoble Leaves VIP

Automattic has always been very proud of its VIP service, but now it seems that some people can outgrow the limitations of the more liberal VIP service as Robert Scoble looks to move his blog to the self-hosted software. Though it looks like moving from VIP to isn’t as easy as other transitions.

Just some ideas as I continue working to rebuild my blog. Regarding that, we’re moving my blog over this week to a Rackspace hosted server (hopefully, we had some problems figuring out some problems due to some custom stuff that Automattic did for my blog that you’re reading here). I’ll stay on WordPress, but will be on a standard install which will let me use all sorts of plugins and try some fun things out. As soon as that gets moved over we’ll start iterating on the design and “pave the paths” here.

Check out the full post on

Categories: WordPress News Wants Your Input!, one of the leading WordPress theme development sites (including a LOT of great free stuff), is currently running a poll to let the community decide what sort of theme they should build next. There’s one day left to vote, so head over there and give your say as to which type of theme you’d like to see them create.

You’ve probably seen at least a couple of their themes around, like Dilectio, or Smashing.

Personally I’d love to see them do a theme focused on Podcasting, which thankfully is one of the options in the poll, but all the choices sound pretty cool really. So if you haven’t yet voted, there is still time…but not much…so head over to the poll and have your say.

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Yahoo! Gives to Automattic

Big news recently was the movement of, a popular ping service, to Automattic, the keepers of WordPress. It seems Automattic has been entrusted with continuing to develop though I don’t understand how they can effectively do that while managing all of the other projects they currently have on the go. Automattic as a company seems to be expanding quickly. Acquiring companies, and now managing for Yahoo!.

It is interesting to see a company the size of Yahoo! give developmental control over any of their properties, though has not seen a major update in some time, from what I can see. It was time to either let it die, or get rid of it, and I think they made the smarter choice.

What will Automattic do with going forward? If anyone has any ideas, speculation, or actual information, I’d love to know.

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If you live inside your e-mail inbox, then this idea might really appeal to you: replying to comments via e-mail. No more logging into your dashboard, instead, you can now reply directly to a comment notification through your e-mail and it will be posted live on your blog.

It requires a few settings to be changed, but a recent blog post and video on will help you better understand the process.

Two things to enable this feature. First, make sure email notifications for comments are turned on. Second, select the ‘Enable sending comment replies via email’ option. All of these items are on the Settings > Discussion page.

Go ahead and give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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CenterNetworks – Drupal to WordPress

CenterNetworks, a great blog for those interested in social networking, Web 2.0, and social media has switched from Drupal to WordPress, and while they had a few problems in their transition, for all intents and purposes it was a success. They are working on releasing details of the conversion soon, but I wanted to cover their move today, as I wanted to congratulate them on changing to what should be a platform more aligned with their needs.

The changes are now complete. This weekend I will share details of the changes both on the front and back-end. Everything should work and commenting should be easier than before – give it a try and please let me know if you run into any issues. I will be working to correct lots of small issues with URLs and other links.

Welcome to WordPress CenterNetworks.

Everyone should keep checking back on the site for details about their move, as well as the rest of their great articles.

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WordPress HelpCenter

Have you ever wanted to phone someone and get an answer to your most pressing WordPress problems? Annoyed that there is no quick way to get the support you need for WordPress? Well, WordPress HelpCenter now exists as a service launched in part by Alex King. Yes, THAT Alex King.

If WordPress HelpCenter can take care of your needs in under 3 minutes, the call is FREE! We’ve set the service pricing low and we’ve created a price list for most commonly requested items. Every item on the standard price list is under $20.

My company, Crowd Favorite, is a partner in WordPress HelpCenter. My development team and I are on-call to the WordPress HelpCenter staff to answer tough technical questions as needed and to generally provide support and expertise as the service grows. We’re committed to providing top-notch service and friendly support.

Not sure how I feel about all of this yet, but it will be interesting to see if it becomes successful or not.

To tell you the truth though, I think that the free support from the community is more than enough for most people.

What do you think? Genius or not?

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What if WordPress Wasn’t an Option?

I have been thinking about what the blogosphere, and my career would be like if WordPress didn’t exist. If Matt and friends had failed to produce any tangible results and improvements, which software would we all be using? Would we be blogging at all?

Many people will probably assume that some other software would have taken WordPress’ place, and until it changed its payment scheme, I would have said that Movable Type would be that software, but I have a feeling most of us would be using the various publishing scripts that we used before WordPress, as well as the free options that exist today in Blogger and others.

The effects of WordPress not existing would be interesting, and I think you’ll all agree that the blogosphere wouldn’t be the same, not even close.

What do you think it would be like without the existence of WordPress? Which blogging software would you be using, and do you think it would exist in its current form without the influence of WordPress? Am I giving WordPress too much credence in building and growing the blogosphere into what it is today? Let me know in the comments below.

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