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WordPress – Too Tight Controlling UI Features?

Often, an item comes up in the development mailing list, or elsewhere that should be addressed, but is told in a simple way that it won’t be changed. A great example of this is the post revisions issue. Many people, including myself, would like a simple user interface added to WordPress that allowed us to enable, disable, or set the number of saved revisions, but this idea has basically been closed on WordPress Trac without a fix.

Who decides what UI enhancements are worthwhile, and which ones are not? In a community project like WordPress, I would have liked a vote over such a thing, especially since there are multiple items in the WordPress administration panel, that probably don’t need to be there any longer.

Maybe it is time for WordPress and team to have a basic and advanced toggle for the UI, so that most options are hidden, unless an administrator otherwise needs them. Things like the post revisions selection and management could fall within the “advanced fine tuning options”.

What do you think? Has WordPress acted on all the community’s best needs and interests, or are they still missing crucial elements towards satisfying the die-hard WordPress user base? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Andrew says: 4/4/2009

    Honestly, I think you are no longer part of the core audience and you need to get used to disappointment. WordPress will never come back to you, but will proceed to focus on later and later stages of the adoption cycle.


  2. David Peralty ) says: 4/4/2009

    Andrew – If you listen to WP Weekly, you’ll hear that I am in agreement with you there.


  3. gestroud says: 4/6/2009

    Luckily, there’s a plugin for almost every WordPress problem. In this case, here’s Disable revisions. Works fine on 2.7.1 :-)


  4. Moises Kirsch says: 4/12/2009

    As someone else mentioned… there is a plugin for almost everything. And if not, you could create one.

    For older version I remember trying Clutter-Free. On my case I did my own plugin once that added some css to hide some stuff.


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