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Habari 0.6 Released

It has been a long while since I’ve covered Habari on this blog, and I am still interested in the developments of the blog platform. With the latest release, it doesn’t seem like they’ve put much “fanfare” into it, and here are some details from their dev blog.

We’re really happy to announce our 0.6 release, which brings in the Access Control List (ACL)-based permissions system we’ve been working so hard on, along with oh, about 1100 bug fixes and other improvements. See the release notes for details.

With the addition of the extensible ACL system, Habari is now ideal for creating a variety of websites. Whether a single blog or a corporate publishing hub, you have granular control over permissions for every author and visitor to the blog. You can decide who can modify what, and where. To show off the ACL system, we’ve included a new ‘private posts’ plugin that lets you limit the visibility of posts to a subset of registered users.

I think they need to work on their marketing text for releases, as the improvements are no small feat, and improve the software greatly. Check out Habari, if you are looking to try out a different blogging platform.

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  1. Andy C says: 4/6/2009

    Thanks for bringing the announcement of Habari 0.6 to the masses.

    As for the lack of PR and marketing, I quite like that about Habari. Like the software, it’s understated and to the point with no bloat.

    I just love the even shorter version: ‘Executive Summary: New release. Get.’


  2. skippy says: 4/6/2009

    The Habari community includes a diverse collection of people, but to the best of my ability, none of them are marketing experts. That’s okay, though. As Andy points out, we want to focus on our strengths, one of which is a focus on staying out of your way so you can blog.

    It’s a fine line to walk to market your product. We could have spent a lot of time and energy saying how wonderful and great all the features are in this release, and then someone would come along and say “What, it doesn’t do X?”

    Bear in mind also that we’re still beta, pre-1.0 software. Habari is a growing, evolving product with what we hope is a more measured, deliberate development strategy than some other open source projects. When we hit 1.0, expect a giant party. ;)


  3. David ) says: 4/7/2009

    For me, I just wanted to let everyone know that the release text is by no means a deep look into what users are getting in the latest update. Keep up the great work guys. :)


  4. Chris J. Davis says: 4/13/2009

    While agreeing with the above statements, I do think we need to do a better job at making what we do sexier and more exciting to people who don’t dig around in code.

    David, I for one, would welcome your contributions to that effort. You seem to have a handle on that side of the bizness. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more about it.


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