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As WordPress themes become more complex, they continue to add back-end features to their themes, but have to be judged on their front-end, as there is no easy way, that I know of, to lock down WordPress installations so that a back-end demo can be set up that won’t be “taken advantage of” by the darker people on the Internet.

This is a problem I’ve been having in marketing WPUnlimited, as I recently posted on the blog. I am trying to video all of the important features, but surely, there has to be some way of locking down WordPress, or showing a theme back end, without opening the door for all kinds of abuse. Anyone have any tips? Please let me know.

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  1. Andrew says: 4/10/2009

    It is a shame that WordPress’s role management is not as good as others; however, perhaps if you use the role manager plugin to create a custom role (demo-user or some such) you can give access only to your theme back end, and even more, lock down the elements that are a security concern (perhaps swapping them with a series of choices instead of blank upload box).

    The other alternative is just to do a check for a specific user within your theme and, if found, it sends the theme into demo mode and makes the theme’s admin pages available to level 1 users.


  2. Brandon Eley says: 4/12/2009

    You could create a flash movie from a screenshot of the presentation that shows popup feature descriptions or even movies when you hover over or click a particular feature… show it full-size on a page on your site. I think that would be very helpful.

    I don’t think actually “test-driving” the theme is all that important… if you just show us the admin panel and features, that’s plenty sufficient. I just want to know that it’s feature rich and easy to use. If it’s not apparent what everything does by just looking at the admin panel, maybe it needs some more work…


  3. Andrea_R says: 4/24/2009

    Some theme designers are setting up test drive areas on a wpmu setup . If you want to test drive the theme, get an account on the site. The user is limited to just their blog and can’t do anything off the main blog.

    You can also lock down some of the menus & options so they really can’t do much of anything.

    And if you’re not funneling their posts to the main page – doesn’t matter what they post, no one’s going to see it but them. :)


  4. Sajid Latif says: 5/8/2009

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  5. Sajid says: 5/8/2009

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