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If you live inside your e-mail inbox, then this idea might really appeal to you: replying to comments via e-mail. No more logging into your dashboard, instead, you can now reply directly to a comment notification through your e-mail and it will be posted live on your blog.

It requires a few settings to be changed, but a recent blog post and video on will help you better understand the process.

Two things to enable this feature. First, make sure email notifications for comments are turned on. Second, select the ‘Enable sending comment replies via email’ option. All of these items are on the Settings > Discussion page.

Go ahead and give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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  1. bocarana says: 4/27/2009

    I think that is a great feature!


  2. website copywriting says: 7/10/2009

    That’s a great feature to have specially for bloggers that are pressed for time. I also love wordpress’ REMOTE PUBLISHING feature–you can do it via email or even through a centralized app.


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