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Looks like is testing out some interesting, and potentially very spammer friendly, commenting features. Namely, the ability to embed Youtube videos and Polldaddy polls directly in comments.

It’s as easy as adding the url for the video or poll on a separate line in any comment, which makes it really easy, for legitimate commenters and spammers alike. I’m really hoping this doesn’t lead to a spamfest of video based spam and a poll every 3 comments, but if we look at the history of sites like Myspace, Facebook, and other like them, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get real ugly, real fast.

From the blog

Of course if someone leaves a video or poll you don’t like it’s just like them leaving something else you don’t like, you can always delete it or edit it to remove the offending link.

As you and your audience start to play with this it should spice up comments a bit, and based on your feedback we may expand this to encompass other shortcodes and embeds in the future.

I’m really not sure what to think about this. On the one hand, it could be interesting to see the occasional video in the comment section. After all, Seesmic’s video comment plugin is pretty popular, there must be a market for that stuff. I fear it will lead to serious cases of video-spam bombing and such though. Am I crazy to think that?

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  1. Pete Forsyth says: 5/7/2009

    I dunno, seems to me WordPress has done a pretty good job of providing anti-spam policies and tools. Also, I’m sure each blog owner will have the ability to moderate comments…I see it as a value-add. Why not try something new, if it has a possibility of enriching our communications? I’ve definitely wished I could embed a video in the past, sometimes just posting a link doesn’t quite do the trick.

    Of course, images would be nice too….


  2. Sajid says: 5/8/2009

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  4. Sajid says: 5/8/2009

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