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Should I Add a Donation Button to My Blog?

This is a question a lot of bloggers ask themselves at some point, and just published a great post about it.

From the ProBlogger post

When I first started blogging 7 years back it was not uncommon to see bloggers attempting to add an income stream to their blog with some kind of a donation button or invitation on their blog. Often these buttons were tied to a PayPal account that enabled the readers of the blog to send the blogger a little money as a thank you and/or as an encouragement to keep blogging.

Many bloggers tried the reader donation model as a way to make money from blogging but few made it work.

They go into some serious detail about the pros and cons of donation based monetization model, and outline some tips on how to successfully pull it off.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, especially for new bloggers, and bloggers that have not yet monetized their blog.

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  1. Luis ) says: 5/13/2009

    I’m not sure if a donation button is a good idea or not, maybe the option to donate in the about page? Nahhh. Some readers may find all the products that you offer over their head, therefore a donation button may make sense. I tried it once but I removed it immediately because it made my site look like a non-profit organization, when in fact, I’m here for the money.

    One day we will make money. ja.


  2. Anil Gupta ) says: 5/14/2009

    I don’t think there is any harm in adding a donation button your website or blog if you are providing valuable content your readers. You have chances of making some money with donations if someone really love your ideas


  3. Jon ( says: 5/14/2009

    I have toyed with the idea of adding a donate button. It is a complicated issue. I am not one that has enough readers to make it a serious consideration. However I do send money too a few bloggers that I read regularly, but I would rationalize that the majority of bloggers making a living are selling advertising.


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  8. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

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  11. David says: 3/11/2010

    Dont forget to add a donation button which accept also payment by sms and phone, there is a good explanation on


  12. William Drummond ) says: 1/7/2013

    We have had our blog up since October of 2010 and have just now started thinking of a donation button on either the links page or the about page but are not sure if we really should or not. While the site pays for itself we would like to be able to make a bit more money then it is currently making, especially with all the time that we put into it.

    We have never paid for any kind of advertising and have managed to be able to grow to over 1200+ articles and posts and have about 4600 visitors a month with on average 7800 page views a month. The big shake up last year with google changing SERPs dropped out traffic about 60% and we are just now getting some of that traffic back. As I said, we have not used any tricks or paid to have anything done, we have promoted it all ourselves and the majority of our traffic is from search engines alone, I would say about 85% or more.

    Do you think adding a donation button would be a good thing or a bad thing at this stage in the game?