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Review: Winners Circle Membership Site

Starting a business online may be an exciting idea but are you ready for the challenges ahead? Putting up a website is not the start and end of it because you have to ensure that you sustain your traffic and sales once you begin. Deciding on your own may not be sufficient but with a mentor to guide through every step of the way, you can be sure to build your confidence going forward.

The Winners Circle membership site is one training program you can count on. I strongly recommend this especially to start up entrepreneurs. It’s easy to use and requires only a small amount from your pocket but the wealth of knowledge you can gain is more than your money’s worth.

The training program provided by the Winners Circle is not like any other because it makes use of case studies and actual experiences of internet experts. No other mentoring site has shared real case studies of businesses that have achieved success in the field of ecommerce. SEO specialist Gyutae Park, the man behind this membership program, made sure to share vital materials with those who care to sign up and take their business to the next level. Park is no ordinary internet expert because he has had vast experience working as a consultant in the past assisting major international companies including Nokia in their SEO campaign.

For those who take part in the Winners Circle training program, great features await you. Signing up is quick and easy and once you’ve logged in, you’re ready to take advantage of the truly valuable information available exclusively to members.

  • Case studies. Each week, a new case study is featured on the members area. But other than the new one, you can access all the previous case studies for your reference. These materials not only present the business models but go in depth in analyzing their strategies pertaining to market research and monetization of sites. With these detailed information, it’s easy to understand the ways that work to help push your business ahead than the others.
  • Interviews. Two interviews are featured every month. These involve successful internet marketers, bloggers and business oriented people who earn a living online. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the experts share their stories and learn from their lessons? It’s one opportunity that should not be missed.
  • Forum. What better way to connect and learn from other entrepreneurs but to interact on an online forum. Whether you have concerns or you want to share tips, the Winners Circle forum is the perfect avenue to exchange ideas and get the right support from like-minded people.
  • Bonus. For every person who signs up, you get a bonus from Gyutae Park. It’s a free copy of his Guide to Finding the Perfect Niche for your Online Business. This is particularly helpful to the newbies in the online business because choosing the right category is crucial to being easily located by your target audience.

What all these means is that for every successful online business, learning the ropes from the experts on a consistent basis is the right step to take. Join the Winners Circle then if you want to be a winner yourself.

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WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2

Beta 2 is here. Get it while it’s…still not quite out of Beta…or something.

From the Dev Blog…

Notable fixes in beta 2:

* Translation of role names fixed
* wp_page_menu() defaults to sorting by the user specified menu order rather than the page title
* Upload error messages are now correctly reported
* Autosave error experienced by some IE users is fixed
* Styling glitch in the plugin editor fixed
* SSH2 filesystem requirements updated
* Switched back to curl as the default transport
* Updated the translation library to avoid a problem with mbstring.func_overload

I’ve been using 2.8.1 Beta 1 on a few sites, and liking it quite a bit. There are some issues with plugins, as there always are with any new version, but other than that it’s pretty solid.

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3 Alternative Ways To Post to WordPress –

If you don’t find using the default post editor in WordPress very efficient, or for whatever reason just want to be able to post to your WordPress blog without going to the admin panel, starting a new post, and going through the somewhat lengthy process of getting everything ready to go, then they are quite a few alternative methods to getting something posted. currently has a great list describing many of them, including a fairly good list of desktop applications or browser addons.

Here’s a taste from one of the methods they discuss…

Press This is a bookmarklet that you can add to your browser. When you find something you want to blog about, select it and click the Press This bookmarklet. It’ll then open a small WordPress post window that is auto-populated with the selected text and allow you to put the finishing touches on the post.

Out of all the different ways I’ve tried in the past, that I like ScribeFire the best, but it really comes down to personal choice, and what you want to do with it. There are certainly enough other options that if you wanted to you could avoid the default editor forever and no one would be the wiser for it.

Are they any methods that people are using that weren’t included in the list? Let me know what you’re using in the comments. It’s always interesting to hear about how people are using the different tools available (or creating their own).

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6 Steps to Get Your Company to Pay You to Blog –

If you work, either full time or part time, for a company that might benefit from having a someone running a blog for them(and it would be extremely strange if that isn’t the case), you might be able to roll some blogging into your job, or maybe even make blogging for that company your ONLY job if that’s something you’d enjoy.

Alexandra Levit has a guest post up on about just that called, “6 Steps to Get Your Company to Pay You to Blog“.

Here’s a taste…

Develop your area of expertise:

It’s not realistic – or even a good idea – for every employed person in the world to have a blog. For one thing, the blogosphere is cluttered enough as it is, and blogs that have no real purpose for existence will just muck things up even more. You should write a blog because you have a unique opinion on an industry issue and can establish yourself as a credible expert. Hone your perspective by reading literature and other blogs in your field and determining where there’s an unmet need.

Of course, that’s just the first step, you’ll have to head over to the full article for the other 5, and they are worth the couple of minutes it’ll take you to read them if you’re at all interested in convincing your employer to let you (or even pay you) to blog about the company you’re working for.

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Effective Ways Of Driving A Flood Of Traffic To Your Blog

Found this video from Yaro Starak through, and it’s well worth a look if you want some great ideas on how to get your blog some serious attention.

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Is Hurting the WordPress Brand?

Is hurting the WordPress brand? Mark Jaquith seems to think so, and I’m inclined to agree with him.

Here’s a snippet of his reasoning

I got a tip that Chris Anderson’s upcoming book Free has the following to say about WordPress:

2. Feature limited (Basic version free, more sophisticated version paid. This is the WordPress model.)

* Upside: Best way to maximize reach. When customers convert to paid, they’re doing it for the right reason (they understand the value of what they’re paying for) and are likely to be more loyal and less price sensitive.
* Downside: Need to create two versions of the product. If you put too many features in the free version, not enough people will convert. If you put too few, not enough will use it long enough to convert.

This is most assuredly not the WordPress model. Anyone and everyone can go to and download a completely free, completely unrestricted, and completely feature-complete version of WordPress to run for any purpose. There is no feature limited version of WordPress.

It seems that Chris Anderson has confused WordPress the software, with the hosted blog service, and he’s not alone.

I’ve seen many people comment on the limitations of WordPress when they were really talking about Not a LOT (that I’ve seen), but certainly enough to show that there is a problem.

Chris Garrett posted today on about it, and also agrees there is a definite issue that should be resolved, though he isn’t sure how. Here’s what he has to say on the topic…

Now if you support the idea that is causing confusion for the WordPress brand, and I think many people will agree that it is, what to do about it?

Well, it is not like all those thousands of * sites are going to be happily redirected to new domains. I can only think that rebranding the software would be the (inelegant, or even downright ugly) solution :(

I’m not really sure what the best way to deal with the problem is. It seems that a rebranding of either the WordPress software itself, or the hosted blog service, would no doubt anger many, and confuse many others for quite some time.

Seems like the WordPress brand is caught of the middle of a cliche about rocks and hard places.

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FTC To Start Monitoring Blogs?

This is a guest post by Brad Leclerc, who can be found at

The FTC is gearing up to extend it’s regulatory powers into the blogosphere, and I, for one, think it’s excellent news…sorta.

You may have read something about it in the last couple days, but if not, here’s a snippet from an Associated Press article on the issue:

Savvy consumers often go online for independent consumer reviews of products and services, scouring through comments from everyday Joes and Janes to help them find a gem or shun a lemon.

What some fail to realize, though, is that such reviews can be tainted: Many bloggers have accepted perks such as free laptops, trips to Europe, $500 gift cards or even thousands of dollars for a 200-word post. Bloggers vary in how they disclose such freebies, if they do so at all.

The practice has grown to the degree that the Federal Trade Commission is paying attention. New guidelines, expected to be approved late this summer with possible modifications, would clarify that the agency can go after bloggers — as well as the companies that compensate them — for any false claims or failure to disclose conflicts of interest.

On the face of it, they are essentially planning to crack down on false claims and undisclosed benefits (financial or otherwise) that a blogger might get due to their posting something about a product/service/etc, whether it’s in the form of an actual monetary payment, or some free stuff, or whatever else, as well as certain types of scam and “fake” websites that only exist to post affiliate links and other ads and pass them off as unbiased.

That is a good thing, in my opinion. Though I, like many others it seems, really don’t think the FTC will be taking the right approach. It seems sloppy and practically unenforceable to go after bloggers directly for the most part.

The reason I say it’s practically unenforceable is simply this: There is usually no way for the FTC to know if a blogger has a conflict of interest or undisclosed benefit to posting something unless that blogger has mentioned it on the blog…in which case it would have been disclosed, and so wouldn’t be an issue.

A much better way to go about fighting this problem would be to target the people and companies giving out the money and other benefits, instead of the bloggers themselves.

Arron Wall has an awesome post about just how sloppy and useless the FTC’s apparent approach to the problem is, called “FTC Going After Bloggers = Epic Fail“. He outlines a lot of examples of just how silly “bottom-up” enforcement of these problems is, and I completely agree with them. They need to “follow the money”, so to speak, and hit the problem head on at the source.

I’m sure it’ll have SOME effect (including likely harassment of a lot of perfectly innocent bloggers), but I don’t think it’s likely to actually help anything very much. It would be MUCH more helpful for these new regulations to target the sources of the services/products/etc that are instigating (or at least knowingly allowing) fraudulent and/or misleading content to be posted on their behalf, and paying for it.

This could be a really good way of fighting some of the more serious spam and deceitful content online if done right, but sadly I have serious doubts that the FTC is up to the job.

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A review of PSD2HTML

One of the goals of operating a website or blog is to make them stand out among the sea of other sites and blogs on the internet. You want to be as unique as possible to enable recall and put your own mark of individuality. One of the best ways to do this is by producing code that is especially made for your website or blog. But producing code can be a herculean task especially if you know little more than a little HTML coding. What you need to do if you are looking to make code is to hire a company to do the code development for you. The challenge is to find the company that is best suited to meet your needs and have the skills and experience to deliver quality work. One company that has built a reputation for delivering high quality, professionally done code for websites is PSD2HTML.

PSD2HTML is a well respected company that specializes in converting web artwork to working code, like PSD to HTML. The company ensures that it comes out with quality output by hiring experienced web experts who produce codes that meet their clients’ specifications.

Using PSD2HTML’s services brings many benefits to a client. One of the biggest advantages is PSD2HTML’s commitment to customer service. The company values customers so much that it has implemented a 24 hour live chat option that allows clients to get instant feedback with regards to their project. A click on the live chat button will bring the client immediately to a PSD2HTML staff who can discuss the details of the project. Even though the live chat staff is available only on weekdays arrangements can be made to extend work on weekends if it is necessary.


Feedback can also be obtained by using the other contact options available to the clients. Clients can send messages through an online contact form or they can call PSD2HTML’s telephone number at +1 877 721 8040. This close collaboration with the client is PSD2HTML’s way of ensuring that the client will get exactly what he asked for.

Whatever the markup needs of the client, PSD2HTML can address them. The PSD2HTML website has recently undergone a welcome facelift that has made the site easier to navigate and find the information that clients need. Among the services that PSD2HTML offers are:

• Templates for WordPress, Blogger and other blog engines
• Dreamweaver templates
• Email templates
• Design to semantic code conversion

The number of services that are being offered is easily more than what are currently made available to developers and website owners. This wide array of services is what makes PSD2HTML so popular and a “go to” place for developers.

PSD2HTML has made using their services easy for its clients. IT has made the whole ordering process more streamlined and easy to follow. A client will gather the files that he will submit to PSD2HTML then fill out the order form. He specifies all of his requirements in the form like browser compatibility and certain compliance parameters. The comprehensive order page enables the client to truly “personalize” his requirements, ensuring that what he gets exactly fits his needs. PSD2HTML allows for an unprecedented level of personalization that few companies can provide. There is actually a space within the order form that lets clients include other details that are not included in the established categories. Any extra information that the client wants to provide can be included here.

The client then completes payment in order to end the ordering process. Payments to PSD2HTML is very convenient because of the number of payment options available. In addition to Paypal and Google Checkout options, the company has recently implemented a new Direct Payment option that will let clients pay using major credit cards. Knowing how much the client will pay is also made easy by PSD2HTML. Getting a final quote is not a problem because each option that the client chooses is priced accordingly and is immediately reflected in the final price. This allows the client to add or delete options on the fly to see which configuration would fit both his needs and his budget.

After the whole process has been completed, PSD2HTML will provide the client with instructions on how the files will be received after it has been converted. The deadline set by the company is guaranteed, which is a big plus for any client since they will know exactly when to expect the final product.

And when it comes to quality, clients should never worry. PSD2HTML has built a reputation for making quality work. In fact, it has recently garnered an ISO 9001 : 2000 certification that proves it adheres to international quality standards.

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9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy –

If you’ve got a blog, you’ve no doubt had to come up with countless headlines for your posts. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it seems downright impossible to decide on one.

Everyone deals with it, but there isn’t really that much being written about how to write great headlines. Thankfully, Dean Rieck, over on, has written a post about just that, called “9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy“.

He outlines 9 formulas to follow when writing headlines, and gives some examples to get the juices flowing.

Here’s a sample from the second formula in the list…

One of the first techniques you should always explore is transforming your major benefit into a headline. After all, your number one selling point should be up front. It stands the best chance of selecting the right audience and preparing them to respond. Plus, if they read nothing else, they have at least seen the best selling point you have to offer. If you have trouble writing this kind of headline, it’s a sure sign you need to think a bit more about your product or service.

If you, like me and so many many others, have trouble coming up with the best headlines from time to time, or just want some tips on how to give your headlines a little extra something, check out the full list on

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WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 1 Released

Since so many people are having simple problems with their WordPress 2.8 installations, the WordPress community is working tirelessly to get a point-one update out as soon as possible, and the first step on that road is to test a beta of the release.

WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 1 has been released, and they need people to test it out and see if it fixes the problems, so if you are having issues with WordPress 2.8, try the beta, and see if that resolves it.

Here are some of the errors it fixes:

  • Certain themes were calling get_categories() in such a way that it would fail in 2.8. 2.8.1 works around this so these themes won’t have to change.
  • Dashboard memory usage is reduced. Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.
  • The automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade.
  • A problem where the rich text editor wasn’t being loaded due to compression issues has been worked around.
  • Extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks.

Just remember though, that beta software should never be used in a production/live environment.

Check out the blog for more details.

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