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New Theme and Issues

So, as I hope you can all see, Blogging Pro has received a design refresh. After launching our Blogging Pro theme a long time ago as a free to download theme, it seemed only wise to differentiate ourselves from those using that theme. If you are reading this site via a feed reader, it is time to come over and check out the new design.

I have been having some issues with the new theme that I am working on fixing, but they seem to be ingrained into WordPress, and so might take me a little while to rectify.

Other than one or two small issues, I am very impressed with both the design and implementation of this WordPress theme. Designed by James McDonald, the same person that did my site Branding David, James has done an amazing job with the revamp of Blogging Pro.

I am excited to hear what you think of this new design, and going forward, I hope you enjoy the refresh as well. I will talk about the coding process in an upcoming post.

Sidenote/Update: A huge thanks to Sivel in the WordPress IRC chat for helping me through a strange problem I was having.

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  1. Vic says: 6/1/2009

    I really love the new design. Very sleek and very professional with a web 2.0 feel.

    BTW I just realized that you are the same David from Wordcamp Toronto. I never knew this was your site. Very cool.


  2. David Peralty ) says: 6/1/2009

    Glad you like it. :) And that is me. The same David. I’ll be heading to WordCamp Chicago this upcoming weekend. This site isn’t “mine”, but instead Splashpress Media’s. I’ve just been writing on it on and off for a very long time.


  3. SEO Lite says: 6/1/2009

    Nice new theme! I hope this will be available for download. I would love something like this for my blog.


    • David Peralty ) says: 6/1/2009

      I don’t think this will be available until we switch over to another new one. It was strange seeing hundreds of blogs with the same theme, especially since design is part of the uniqueness or brand of a site. :)


  4. James McDonald says: 6/2/2009

    Great to see you have it implemented now buddy! It’s looking good and thanks for the kind comments on the post. Appreciated greatly and it was fun working with you again :)!


  5. Dude World Order says: 6/4/2009

    The new theme is very cool.

    Can we have it as a free download now?? :P


  6. Mark R says: 6/5/2009

    Rather disappointing when compared to the previous design.


  7. Kim says: 6/5/2009

    David and James: The new design looks fabulous – sleek, clean and very professional. I definitely like this one much better than the previous one. Congrats to both of you on the transition!