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Ford + WordPress = The Ford Story

Ford recently launched a WordPress powered website called “The Ford Story” to chronicle their progress towards more fuel-efficient, high-quality cars/trucks/etc in a transparent and (hopefully) interesting way.

Well it seems that the people over at Automattic’s WordPress Publisher Blog talked to Scott Monty from the Global Digital Communications group at The Ford Motor Company about the project.

Here’s a sample…

Why did you choose WordPress over other publishing platforms?

We wanted to use a flexible platform that would easily integrate with the social web. The Ford Story is going to be a dynamic site, and we wanted to be ready to respond to the needs of the day, so we needed a technology that would allow us to take a modular approach. Knowing that we could use plugins and other components that connect with the rest of the web was a strong selling point.

For the full interview head over the WordPress Publisher blog.

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    What’s all the hubbub about ford using WordPress? I bet a lot more fortune 100 companies use it than you might expect. Except they might be a little better at hiding it.