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10 WordPress Hacks

In my recent surge of interest in WordPress plugins I’ve stumbled on a lot of interesting things. Today instead of plugins, it’s a list of 10 WordPress hacks, from, to add some pretty cool features without needing a plugin.

They’re a little trickier than plugins to implement but can be well worth the final effect.

Hacks in the list include:

Create TinyURLs On The Fly
List Upcoming Posts
Create A Maintenance Page For Your WordPress Blog
Display Related Posts Without A Plug-In
Resize Images On The Fly
And 5 more…

They include detailed explanations of how to add the hacks that’s easy enough for anyone to follow, and none of them take more than a minute or so to setup (most will likely take just a few seconds).

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  1. Doug Stewart says: 6/9/2009

    This article ran in Smashing Magazine in Apri:

    I don’t know if the other site is run by Jean Baptiste or if it lifted the content. I’ve submitted a comment over there asking for clarification. Just thought you’d like to know.


    • Doug Stewart says: 6/9/2009

      Gah. “Apri” = “April” in the last comment if it wasn’t evident.


      • David ) says: 6/9/2009

        Thanks for the note Doug. I appreciate it.