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Akismet and the Spam Problem

Today, I logged into Blogging Pro and saw an interesting message that caught my eye: “Akismet has protected your site from 1,034,305 spam”.

I can’t believe that Akismet has protected this blog from over a million spam. Started in October 2005, Akismet has been bundled with WordPress almost since its inception.

Without Akismet, and most other anti-spam tools, estimating a minute for every thirty spam comments, it would have taken me almost twelve full days of time to manage myself, or a few hours each and every month.

It is both sad that we have this problem that needs to be taken care of, and exciting that we have solutions to make our lives easier. Where do you sit with your Akismet spam protection?

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  1. Brad says: 6/10/2009

    mmmmmm Akismet. Without it we would all surely go completely insane trying to fight the absurd amounts of comment spam out there…


  2. Cserei Zoltán says: 8/6/2009

    And think about it: this is just your blog. Akismet is probably one of the best tools the blogging world ever had :) It’s a bless.


  3. Aurovindo Choudhury says: 8/7/2009


  4. Aurovindo Choudhury says: 8/7/2009

    Where the billions of India are heading to ?

    Millions with right to starvation, right to no schooling, no medical, no law and justice, and with millions of VVIPs, VIPs, and their stooges with right to free loot at the cost of national exchequer and the list is endless.

    As once the Chief Justice of said “even God can not save this country”.

    Who will. These lumpens……?


  5. gestroud says: 8/10/2009

    Considering that the two posts ahead of mine by Aurovindo Choudhury are obviously spam, I can’t say much in praise of Akismet. :-(


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