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WordPress 2.8 – Big Issues for a “Cleaned Up Version”

So while the bug and issue reports are less than most full point releases I’ve seen, the issues people are having are fairly consistent, leading some people to be very frustrated, as there was a fair bit of downplaying over the number of changes in this latest WordPress version.

Some of the main issues people seem to be having are related to plugins, Google Gears, and their ability to edit/update and create posts and pages.

This has lead me to suggest to most of the people I know to wait until the WordPress 2.8.1 release, which I am sure will be out in the next few weeks, as more issues are found, and the sources are tracked down.

Have you had any issues with WordPress 2.8? And if you are planning on upgrading today, please make sure to do a backup before proceeding, as I’d hate any of my readers to have frustrating issues with WordPress, especially since I don’t think WordPress 2.8 provides any substantial features or security upgrades in my opinion.

Some Support Threads to Follow:

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  1. gestroud says: 6/12/2009

    I’ve upgraded a few of my sites using FTP and haven’t experienced any problems yet. Makes me wonder if the problem has anything to do with WP’s automatic upgrade process. I don’t think it works well with some web hosts.


  2. knotty says: 6/12/2009

    I auto upgraded my WP test site and seems OK so far but admittedly, I haven’t put it through a good test yet.


  3. Andy Ghozali says: 6/12/2009

    haven’t had issues, I follow to ensure plugins are compatible.


  4. Andy Beard says: 6/12/2009

    I seem to be having some Ajax problems but as I have my head buried in other things I am not wasting time trying to track down what the problem is.


  5. Bill Whitt says: 6/12/2009

    Upgraded yesterday… I haven’t noticed any changes for better or worse!


  6. SoItsComeToThis says: 6/13/2009

    I seem to have AJAX type problems with the Tags & Categories. I’m running Leopard, using Safari 4 (Final) with the WebKit nightly builds and Firefox 3.0.8. When I try to add a category or tag and click on either box for the tag name, slug, or description, the field disappears (so I can’t enter any text) and it looks as if the blank field appears on the right side (as if I saved the tag/category). Its really odd. I’ve replicated it in both browsers (although I only use Firefox in very rare cases… I’m a WebKit guy).

    I don’t have a PC to test with but I run Ubuntu in a Virtual PC… haven’t tried that though so I don’t know if its somehow related to the OS.


  7. Thai says: 6/15/2009

    My Feeds don’t work now that I’ve upgraded to 2.8. I tried the same plugins and theme with my old 2.7.1 and it works fine. Any one else have this problem?


  8. Matt says: 6/16/2009

    Awesome post, you definitely know what you


  9. Larry says: 6/18/2009

    The main problem I’m having with 2.8 is the visual editor. Type and pic codes show up in HTML mode, but Visual mode is white on white type and displays no pictures, I spent some time in the forum the other day and read about all kinds of problems other bloggers are having.


    • Jr says: 7/6/2009

      I’m having the visual editor problem too.. Anybody know how to solve it?? Help!!


  10. pass says: 6/23/2009

    Thanks guy.


  11. Алексей Гусев says: 10/18/2009

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  12. Dennis Connally says: 10/26/2009

    Hello all,

    Has anyone had the problem of text appearing different on a laptop as opposed to a desk top. Seems on a desk top the text is aligned improperly. It’s fine on a lap top. Any info or solution would be great.


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