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Ad Management Plug-Ins And Tutorials –

Cameron Chapman over on has just posted a great list of ad management plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Movable Type, and some general ad managements tutorials and guides.

Here’s a taste…

Should you sell text ads or banner ads? Should you allow Flash ads? What about ads with sound, pop-ups or floating ads? People have so many decisions to make that they often just end up slapping on some AdSense code and calling it a day. And that’s fine.

But you have a ton of other options for displaying ads on your website, from using other ad networks to selling and managing banner ads yourself. There are plug-ins for virtually every CMS and blogging platform out there that allow you to rotate banner ads or insert blocks of ad code.

Whatever blogging platform you use, there’s something in this list to help you manage ad placement and management. Well worth a look, especially if you’re unsure just what types of ads you want to display on your site or what sort of ad networks are out there beyond Google AdSense.

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What Can You Do With WordPress MU?

Andrea of WPMUTutorials, has a guest post over on WPTavern about what you can do with WordPress MU.

Here’s a little preview…

With the recent news coming out of WordCamp San Fransisco, and even the buzz from WordCamp RDU, interest is high in WordPressMU, the multi-blog version of single WordPress. We don’t know when, exactly, the merge of the two will be rolled into one package and released, but more code is being blended almost every day.

In case you haven’t checked out WordPressMU, not only is it the software that powers, and has a much talked about plugin suite called BuddyPress, it is flexible enough to power multiple blogs on separate domains.

She goes on to explain some of the benefits of using WordPress MU (and soon, just WordPress in general), which is actually a longer list of interesting features you might expect. Well worth checking out if you run multiple WordPress sites.

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WordPress iPhone App Update

Just a quick note to all you iPhone (and iPod touch) users out there. The WordPress iPhone App has been updated to be compatible with OS 3.0.

It seems like there are also big UI changes in the works for a future update, and they sound pretty nice.

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7-Minute SEO Guide –

The concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems to be getting more and more pushed these days, and while there are issues I have with it, it’s definitely something every blogger should at the VERY least be aware of, and understand the some basic concepts.

That’s where’s post “7-Minute SEO Guide” comes in.

If you’ve got a few minutes (or 7 if you want to be a little more specific…), I highly suggest checking it out. It’s got a lot of great info, and comes in a bite sized format that anyone can quickly get through and end up with a better understanding of what SEO is and how to use it to your blog’s advantage.

Here’s a taste…

1. Structure – the web language used, navigation, and rich media all have an impact on whether the search engines are able to crawl and understand the theme of your web site.

2. Content – search engine spiders are really quite dumb. Your web content needs to match-up with the user’s query or your site won’t be found.

3. Links – the search engines look at the quantity, quality, and relevance of the links pointing to a web site.

It goes into more detail for each of those categories, though it’s still very much a “quick outline” more than a full-on deeply detailed guide to SEO. Thankfully if you want to learn more once you’ve gone through this initial quick-start guide, they link to a couple of EXTREMELY detailed and helpful guides to all aspects of SEO. So if you have some time, and want to learn a heck of a lot about SEO that may well seriously help your site (especially if you happen to be making one of the common SEO mistakes that are easily fixable), I’d suggest checking it out.

It can get a bit complex, but at it’s roots SEO is a fairly simply idea that every blogger should at least have a basic grasp on. Your blog will thank you, in a figurative “get more search engine traffic” kind of way.

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WordPress as Social Platform has an interesting post up about the future of WordPress as a social platform.

Here’s a little sample to wet your whistle, so to speak.

Right now WordPress can be a forum, multi blogs platform, social media platform, microblog, social bookmarking and these are just a few of the possibilities.

WordPress is slowly making it’s way into the corporate world as well: Yahoo, CNN, New York Times, Ford, Nike are just a few of big names that implemented it for it’s ease of use, fast development times, cost reduction and easy maintenance of the platform. Oh… and U.S. Government Agencies are also using WordPress.

So where do we go from here? Recently it was announced WordPress to merge with WordPress MU. This will probably appear with the 3.0 launch. This seams to be just one of the big steps towards a social web platform. The next step will probably be to integrate more social media features from BuddyPress.

It goes on to discuss some of the implications of the new (and future) changes and additions to WordPress, as well as some of the issues surrounding GPL licensing and themes.

Personally I can’t wait for more social features in WordPress. Allowing the building of a framework for an entire social community within the WordPress platform would be a huge step forward in a lot of ways.

The one major downside to that I suppose would be the idea of “core bloat”. That is to say, the more features built directly into the core, the slower WordPress tends to get. Though I’m conflicted on just how much of an effect that has on most people, it’s certainly interesting to discuss.

All in all I’d say good things are in store for WordPress users in the coming months/years. Especially if you’re looking to use WordPress as the foundation for a site which includes a lot of social features.

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Matt Mullenweg Interviewed on Tekzilla

Matt Mullenweg was recently interviewed on Tekzilla by Veronica Belmont. He talks about themes and templates, the iPhone app, and some other fun stuff for the future.

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The Winning Way: an eBook Review

Far from being the electronic equivalent of a hippie community filled to brimming with love and camaraderie, the internet can actually be quite a cut throat environment. This is most prevalent when you look at the fierce competition being waged by web site and blog owners to make their respective sites come out on top in various search engine results pages or SERPs.

The rise of internet marketing as an essential tool in the survival and growth of a web site is proof that things are heating up in terms of how one can make the millions of surfers take notice of a site. As a web site or blog owner, it is essential for you to market your site or blog or else all of that hard work setting up and operating it will be all for naught. Internet marketing tips and advice literally pepper the internet that it’s safe to assume that there is a glut of information that could be gathered just by using Google. The big issue though is determining which tips are worth taking and which ones should be considered as trash. Trial and error is the usual solution to this, but do you really have the time and, frankly the energy, to go through each tip or advice you see, implement it, and then make the necessary studies to find out if it was effective or not? Internet marketing is an important tool but it shouldn’t be a time-consuming, endless chore.
Gyutae Park — an SEO specialist, internet marketer, blogger and entrepreneur – has also made the same observation. He noticed that there is just a dearth of unfiltered information out there regarding internet marketing. it is becoming not only cumbersome for the site owner hoping to learn how to market his web site but potentially detrimental because no one is actually pointing out which information and advice to take.

This realization made him decide to compile The Winning Way – Ultimate Checklist of 500+ Proven Marketing Strategies. The new resource is designed to help web site owners and blog owners improve the visibility of their web sites. And they can do this without hiring expensive SEO specialists or companies.
The 118 page long resource compiles all of the best advice and marketing strategies taken from blog posts, e-books, marketing sites, internet marketing products and the trial and error experience of Park and other SEO specialists.

The checklist format of The Winning Way makes it very easy to use and each advice is accompanied by a short description or explanation to give you an idea why a particular tip will work. The best thing about this invaluable resource is that it is being offered absolutely FREE. The Winning Way has a $97 value and that is what you save when you download this handy resource. Park is so confident that you will get valuable information from The Winning Way that he even has a guarantee – if you do not find at least three new internet marketing ideas then he will send you $50 through Paypal. Downloading The Winning Way will also get you an internet marketing newsletter delivered right to your email.

Download The Winning Way now here

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ScribeFire Updates to 3.4

ScribeFire is a great Firefox extension that adds a pile of blogging related features directly into Firefox.

It allows you to create (and edit) posts, set (and create) categories and tags, and generally does most of what you’d want to do when creating a new blog post directly from within Firefox at the click of a button.

Here’s a list of the blogging software and services it supports…

* Blogger
* Drupal
* Livejournal
* MSN/Live Spaces
* TypePad
* WordPress

The newest update fixes a small handful of bugs and adds a few features, such as support for custom post slugs for WordPress and the ability to export/import blog settings to and from other installations of ScribeFire, making it easy to setup multiple blogs on more than one computer.

One thing it’s still missing that I would really love to see in a future update is the ability to set the “parent” for a page in WordPress. It allows you to create pages, but if you want to set it’s parent you still have to go into the WordPress admin panel.

Still, it’s a great tool with enough features that most people probably would hardly ever need to use the built-in post editor for their blog again.

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WordPress 2.8 – Big Issues for a “Cleaned Up Version”

So while the bug and issue reports are less than most full point releases I’ve seen, the issues people are having are fairly consistent, leading some people to be very frustrated, as there was a fair bit of downplaying over the number of changes in this latest WordPress version.

Some of the main issues people seem to be having are related to plugins, Google Gears, and their ability to edit/update and create posts and pages.

This has lead me to suggest to most of the people I know to wait until the WordPress 2.8.1 release, which I am sure will be out in the next few weeks, as more issues are found, and the sources are tracked down.

Have you had any issues with WordPress 2.8? And if you are planning on upgrading today, please make sure to do a backup before proceeding, as I’d hate any of my readers to have frustrating issues with WordPress, especially since I don’t think WordPress 2.8 provides any substantial features or security upgrades in my opinion.

Some Support Threads to Follow:

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WPCandy For Sale

I have been a fan of for a long time, and am sorry to see the owner getting ready to part with it. As we continue to move forward in out interactions with the web, some of us inevitably fall out. I have fallen in and out of love with WordPress as a topic to consistently write about as well, and I have sold a few of my own sites and regretted it each time.

WPCandy is a well-established blog about WordPress. It’s one of the top sites about WordPress, if not #1. We haven’t updated the site regularly in months and still receives decent traffic through tons of solid linkbacks. Recently, we’ve been having trouble finding the time to update the site due to other projects, so we’re looking for an individual or company who’s interested in taking the proper time to expand the site and continue making it the best WordPress resource on the web.

But rather than let a good site die, it is always beneficial to shop it around, and I wish both the current owners and new owners luck in their transaction. If you would like to pick up a strong WordPress blog, then check out the SitePoint listing for

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