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WordPress For iPhone – XML RPC Fix Testing Help

The WordPress for iPhone devs need your help testing a fix for some xml rpc issues. Here’s what they have to say about it…

We’ve implemented a fix in trunk for the XML RPC issue some WordPress app users have experienced. I’m looking for volunteers who have had that problem (not being able to add a blog and getting an XML-RPC type error).

What I need to do is test the fix to be sure I’ve caught any edge cases. This means either A) temporary access to your blog with at least Author-level permission, or B) for you to run the simulator with the latest code.

If you have an iPhone and would like to help them out, you can get more info at the original post, or the related forum post on the WP for iPhone forum.

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  2. Alexandra Guerrero says: 10/25/2009

    Hello! I dropped my iphone in water and know the screen is frozen. I can’t answer or unlock it please help!