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5 URL Shortening Plugins for WordPress

Need a way to automatically shorten urls on your WordPress blog? Srikanth, over on, has you covered with their list of 5 great WordPress plugins that do just that (and more).

Here’s the first one off the list…

1. Short URL Plug-in – This WordPress plug-in allows you to shorten the long URL’s easily and it even enables you to keep track of the short URL’s so that you can know how many times each short URL has been clicked. This feature is really useful to track downloads and other links in your blog. If you wish to reset the counter you can click on the ‘clear all’ button to zero the counter. It includes pagination of links, easier setup of htaccess (permalinks) and allows administrators to pass variables to their redirects.

For the other 4 (and a link to that first one), head over to the article on called “5 Best WordPress Plugins to Shorten URLs

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  1. Pankaj Gupta says: 7/25/2009

    Good Article..



  2. Gustavo Leig says: 7/26/2009

    I found out that using shortening services for WordPress is very expensive for CPU and loading time, so I prefer using the WP non permalinks url with post ID. Of course it works if your URL is short like mine Much more reliable than using 3rd party services and more plugins.