Performancing Metrics – “How To” Video Collection is growing like mad lately, especially the “how to” section. They’ve got video explanations of all sorts of stuff from getting started with Google Analytics, to rearranging the post editor to suit your liking, to adding paypal buttons to your blog, and, of course, a pile of other stuff.

Just today they added a video about adding twitter updates to your sidebar, which is an insanely popular thing to do these days. Check it out below, and go to for more.

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  1. adıyaman haber says: 7/26/2009

    thanks… nice….


  2. Cenay : Wordpress Blogging Coach says: 11/6/2009

    Appreciate hearing about this resource. Always on the lookout for great WordPress tutorials to point my students too to fill in the gaps.

    Did you know you could adjust the embed code so that it doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of your post content area? HTML tab, manually adjust the two sets of width and height. Make sure to keep the ratio correct, but otherwise, you have complete control.


  3. Jasa Pembuatan Website says: 5/5/2014

    Thank you for the information