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Jeff has written up a great post about the history of and includes screenshots from the last while, and it makes for a fun tour down memory lane for me as I have been a WordPress fan since long before the site was developed to become what it is today. has been around for a long time, long before I even knew there was a WordPress. Upon browsing through the results that the internet archive has, it’s very interesting to see the progression of the site/service. At one point, it looks like Matt or Automattic lost control of the domain but eventually got it back. Also worthy of note are the links to which was a service that provided opensource project domains. I have no idea if WordPress was an open domain or not but it certainly appears as though was.

I highly suggest checking out WP Tavern to read the full post.

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  1. Jeffro ) says: 8/4/2009

    Thanks for the writeup David. I had fun putting that post together. Some folks have asked me to do one for but for some reason, I don’t think I have enough time in the day to do one for that site as so much has changed regarding that side of WordPress.


  2. Mark says: 8/5/2009

    Hey David/Bloggingpro — I think your headline should be “Its History” instead of “It’s History.” When I saw that headline at first, I thought was closing down for good — but then when I read the post I was relieved to find out that’s not the case.


  3. jaye - work at home blog says: 8/8/2009

    You are right, WordPress has come a very long way. Google has become very acquainted with wordpress blogs, and I think this trend will last for a while.


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