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An Introduction to Custom Fields

One of the most confusing thing about WordPress is custom fields. The shame of it is that custom fields are one of the most powerful features of WordPress, allowing you to do all kinds of very interesting things.

Over on, there is now a video introducing people to custom fields, how they work, and how to use them.

Using custom fields can be confusing to new WordPress users. Scott Ellis provides an introductory explanation of how to use custom fields for image placement and the components that go into making custom fields work from front end placement to back end utilization and code.

I hope to see more detailed videos regarding custom fields and their use in the future. I think it is entirely an underused and under appreciated feature in WordPress.

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  3. Imran | IT Buzz says: 9/7/2009

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  4. hydrone says: 9/7/2009

    video on wordpress?
    I Think it will not become popular fields in the future.
    we will not show so much video of us…not as facebook…


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