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There are numerous cheat sheets for WordPress, and they’ll continue to be created, edited and re-released, but I wanted to highlight a new one for those in search of one that fits the bill for WordPress 2.8.x.

Ekin Ertac has created a new sheet entitled “Free Complete WordPress Cheat Sheet” where you can look over WordPress specific tags for various theming needs.

It is one page, and in PDF form.

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  1. handin says: 9/17/2009

    Thanks , useful


  2. mikeyaozm says: 9/19/2009

    it is rseful for me


  3. Natalie says: 11/29/2010

    Here is another WordPress Reference Guide that contains lots of tags for customizing your WordPress Site. Check out the DBS>Interactive WordPress Reference Guide for an easy to use guide that will help you expedite the process of coding.


  4. Adriana says: 2/26/2012

    thanks for share!



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