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5 Things to Try When Nobody’s Visiting Your Blog

This may sound familiar to some bloggers: You’ve been blogging for almost a year now in a pretty uncrowded niche. You’ve been thinking of nice topics to blog about and your writing is pretty OK. But when you look at your web traffic stats, you see something that doesn’t even reach 300.  So what do you do?

Maybe you haven’t tried these five things to help your blog traffic:

  1. Invest some cash on advertising – You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get some advertising on the web. Pay Per Click advertising is pretty flexible when it comes to budgets. Or try to put banner ads on a popular blog. (Ideally, that blogger is a friend of yours. :P)
  2. Promote via micro-blogs – There’s a school of thought that micro-blogging (read: Twitter) is killing blogging. While it’s arguable, but if you have a healthy number of followers, try to tweet about your latest blog post.
  3. Tell your friends – Don’t underestimate the power of the offline social network. The common irony is that bloggers often tell the online world about their blog but not their offline friends.
  4. Alter your writing style – You don’t have to take writing classes, simple alterations to your writing to make it easy to absorb. Focusing more on web usability can also help your new writing style.
  5. Change your blog theme – Blog themes are not expected to blow anyone away, but it should facilitate the reading of blog posts. Maybe your blog template is as cluttered as your closet– better change it ASAP.

Your blog may not be the Boing Boing’s or the Huffington Posts of the world, but trying other things to get people to notice it can help your voice be heard.

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  1. Teen Blogger says: 10/16/2009

    Nice Tips.

    I agree with trying to buy some advertisement spots on popular blogs, it can help you boost your traffic and maybe some readers.


  2. wayne at says: 10/16/2009

    Question regarding #5…I’ve changed my theme a few times in the four months that my blog has been running. Is it a bad idea to change it TOO often – and if so, what would you consider too often?