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Making Money Through Blogging: A Review

Blogging for profit has been around since the early part of this decade but for some bloggers, blog monetization is often taken for granted. Especially when the global financial markets started crashing one by one last year, the diversification of  how blogs can earn money became a must.

Here’s a review of the different methods bloggers can earn money through their blogs:

  • Banner Advertising – The granddaddy of online business model still works today, despite the ad spend slowdown. Of course, advertisers are attracted to popular, high-traffic blogs.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising – A democratized method since this requires more focused niches,  this is perhaps the most common way bloggers earn. Ad networks like Google AdSense, BlogAds, and AdBrite provide relatively easy way to monetize blogs.
  • Paid posts/reviews – An ethical grey area for most bloggers, this will surely be affected by the recent FTC announcement about blog reviews and testimonials. This type of regulation is not new, but may blaze the trail for other governments to implement their own version.
  • Getting hired as a Blogger – Bloggers can also take the “Professional Blogger” route by getting hired to blog or join a blog publishing network. This is most stable ways of making money but the most restrictive if you ask me.

For some people, this is obvious but new bloggers who have just entered into the fold must be reminded that there’s more to earning online than just Google AdSense.

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