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How Concerned Should Bloggers Be About SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was such a buzzword in the early 2000’s because most web folks noticed a change in behavior in the internet users. What’s that behavior? People used search engines as their primary starting point in their web usage.

By now, tips are all over the web on how to make your blog search engine optimized and how to get to the top SERP (search engine result page) for keywords related to your niche. But while it is generally accepted to be aware and avail of the basic SEO techniques, most bloggers are concerned that they are not concerned about SEO enough.

But really, how concerned should bloggers be about SEO?

If you ask me, not as much as before.

These days, the entry point to the web just got wider because there’s social media. Content discovery is the primary function of search, but social media (in the form of blogs and microblogs) may give users what they need. Thus, instead of being concerned about being “findable,” bloggers should now strive to be “shareable.”

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  1. truant says: 10/30/2009

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  3. SEO Wanna Be says: 11/3/2009

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  4. Amgad says: 11/3/2009

    Good content will make visitors come again, but without SEO they wont find your blog in the first place.


    • Regnard Raquedan says: 11/8/2009

      Hi Amgad!

      True, but do you think it is right for bloggers to lose sleep over SEO?


      • Amgad says: 12/3/2009

        Hi Regnard,

        I do think SEO is important for bloggers to understand how it works and what they need to do to improve their page ranks. But they are overdoing it, and wasting time (and sleep) over it. I think you said it all with:

        Instead of being concerned about being “findable,” bloggers should now strive to be “shareable.”


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