Why It’s Good to Test Your Blog on Different Browsers

From the web design perspective, the relationship most bloggers have with their blog’s design is quite limited. More often than not, bloggingfolk use web design templates designed and developed by another person so the determination of the blog’s look and feel aspect becomes more like a shopping task.

But once the template has been selected, one big assumption oftentimes  arises: This template works in all browsers.

Blog templates are never 100% working, especially with some broken browsers (*cough*IE6*cough*) still out there.

It’s good practice to test the browser yourself with the common browsers. You can start with Internet Explorer (version 7 and 8 if possible) and Mozilla Firefox. These two browsers would already comprise almost 80% of browsers out there. For good measure, you can also check on Google Chrome and Opera Browser. To be sure, you can refer to your blog’s stats (if available) to see which browser the majority of your readers are using and test your blog’s template.

If you don’t want to install extra browsers in your machine, there’s always BrowserShots, a web site that will take a snapshot of your sites using different browsers.

Just remember not all browsers are created equal and a blog template not working could spell the difference between a successful blog and a lemon.

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  1. Good reminder post. Anyone that’s been doing it for a little while should already no this but it’s easy to forget at times, or in the case of IE 6 block it from your memory, LOL.

    Browsershots works well but the line can sometimes be long on the popular browsers, that kind of sucks. Depending on how many sites you have it could be worth paying for it. The best tip I can provide. Get a bunch of friends or businesses you know that might see some benefit from this, say you get 2 buddies, each throw in $10, and you now can buy a month of priority testing. Well worth the money.

  2. I learned that this week! I found out that my site was not working on IE. In a way, I am glad this happened cause I changed my WP theme to a new one that I absolutely love.

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