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Blogging for A Company? Makes Sense to Me.

Professional blogging comes in different sizes and shapes. For some, professional blogging is just getting some money for a paid review. And for others, its seeing the checks in gather in the mail from ad networks.

There’s one aspect of professional blogging I feel doesn’t get the cred it deserves: the Hired Blogger aspect.

Hired blogger are on a company’s payroll like regular employees or a consultants on a retainer. Depending on the arrangement, the hired blogger may be paid per per post or a fixed salary with specific goals and measured performance indicators. Responsibilities include writing blog posts on topics surrounding the company’s business and making sure that the blog posts are error-free and interesting enough to be shared around by the blog’s readers, and hopefully the company’s customers.

If you ask me, this kind of professional arrangement makes sense to the company and the blogger.

It really boils down to stability and consistency in the professional relationship– the company has a steady hand behind the blog and the company can give direct feedback about the posts with little fear that the blogger will just jump ship. The blogger, on the other hand, will have a predictable stream of income.

The only caveat here is the motivation factor. Money will never be the full motivator for the blogger to come up with good posts, so the company has to keep an eye on the hiring process to really see the candidates who really has the passion.

As I’ve said, blogging is marked by passion and but when a company tries to leverage on this passion, is there really anything amiss? From the professional side of things, it just makes sense if you ask me.

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  1. Michele says: 11/8/2009

    I just love your blog, Darren, is this one really written by you?


  2. David B. Thomas says: 11/9/2009

    Companies have been paying people to write about them for years, whether it’s the company magazine, bylined articles, brochures, email newsletters or Web copy. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fact that the word “blogger” doesn’t really mean anything anymore (I wrote a post on that topic last week) and this supports what I’ve been thinking. Replace the word “blogger” in your post with “marcom writer” and you’ll see what I mean.


  3. Matt Kline says: 11/9/2009

    Just wondering if blogging is looked upon as a good thing these days or just run of the mill. By that I mean is there any credibility in blogging any more? Or is it looked upon as everybody does it, so it must be a joke.


    • Regnard Raquedan says: 11/10/2009

      Hello Matt,

      Last time I checked, blogs are still considered legitimate information source. Of course, not all blogs are create equal.


  4. KA says: 11/30/2009

    David has a very interesting perspective – a hired blogger is nothing more than a marcom writer. So actually, the issue is not with the writer, but with the public’s perspective of what a blog is supposed to be.


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