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WordPress for iPhone 2.0 Video

If you are a WordPress user who owns an iPhone and you still don’t know, there’s this free application on the iPhone called WordPress for iPhone that let’s you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and moderate comments on your WordPress blog just by using your iPhone.

To know more about this plugin you can watch the video below from WordPress.TV which gives a basic introduction of what the application can do.

The app supports both and self-hosted WordPress and is currently in version 2.0. Best of all, it’s free!

You can grab it on the AppStore by clicking here.

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  1. Syuxx says: 11/12/2009

    Cool, now I can update my blog using iPhone.
    Sounds like so awesome. Gotta try this apps :)


  2. Andrew says: 11/12/2009

    I’ve been using this on my iPhone for half a year now. I pointed it out to a buddy who uses an iTouch and he claimed there was a $9.99 charge for the app. I don’t have an iTouch so I haven’t been able to verify, but is this only free for iPhone users?


    • Lane Roathe says: 11/12/2009

      The $9.99 charge is for updating the iTouch firmware. This is a requirement of the SEC, which does not allow companies to provide free updates to products that are purchased. The iPhone is paid for over time via the carrier agreement and therefore is not “purchased” and Apple is able to provide the updates free of charge.

      Talk to an accountant to get more info on this crazy accounting regulation if you want.


  3. C McMillan says: 11/22/2009

    Cool post.


  4. KA says: 11/30/2009

    This has to be one of the most useful apps for iphone! not for writing blog posts, but to immediately moderate the irritating half spammy comments that sometimes get thru akismet!


  5. Alex Kruz ) says: 10/30/2010

    Yeah..I aggre with KA..helps me a lot !!

    iPhone Theme


  6. Jo says: 12/29/2010

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  7. ARanchr says: 2/10/2011

    Just another reason why the iPhone is superior :)

    Haha, this would be extremely convenient for my blogs. Now I’d be able to write from anywhere. I think I need to get this!

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  8. Marketing Your App says: 4/28/2011

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