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What Fonts Should You Use For Your Blog?

Perhaps five years from now, the issue of typography would have been solved already– that is, web designers and blog template designers will be able to select any font of their liking and use it on the fly. (This is probably when the font-face property has received wide-spread support)

But that’s probably five years from now. Today, we have to be contented with a handful of fonts to use in blog and web designs.

There’s probably a dozen fonts out there and there are three that I think should be worth considering:

  • Arial – A can’t miss font that has good readability and people are already quite used to this. This is the same font that Google uses, and majority of computers carry this font.
  • Georgia – This seems to be the font of choice when it comes to serif typefaces. This is because the alternative is Times New Roman, which looks dated and has very little character
  • Verdana – Very similar to Arial, but I think this has better character width. This works well with bigger line heights and a good match for templates that utilize larger screen resolutions.

Your blog’s font can help your readers scan and read the content better. Better take a little time to find out which ones look good and help your readers. :)

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  1. Liane YoungBlogger says: 11/24/2009

    I use arial. Spacesaver and very simple. And it makes my post much much cleaner. I think a lot of bloggers use arial, and for me, it’s the best by far.


    • Regnard Raquedan says: 11/25/2009

      Hello! Arial definitely won’t lose its place in blog & web designs.


  2. Lily says: 11/24/2009

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  3. Arie Rich says: 11/24/2009

    Great post! I’ll try to keep these fonts in mind when writing my next posts.




  4. Dejan says: 11/25/2009

    What fonts do you recommend for linux/unix readers or MacOS to have similar reading experience?
    I have done some research and I would recommend following font-family, because all this fonts have similar typeface and width:

    font-family: “Verdana”, “DejaVu Sans”, “Nimbus Sans L”, sans-serif;

    What do you think?



    • Regnard Raquedan says: 11/25/2009

      Hi Dejan,

      Verdana works because it’s not too different from the sans serif fonts in other platforms.


  5. KA says: 11/30/2009

    These three are about the ONLY font’s I use in my designs so far! Arial actually looks very good at big font size with letter-spacing with a negative value.


  6. Franky ) says: 12/1/2009

    No Helvetica? No font-stacks with first Helvetica and then Arial?


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