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Mozilla Firefox: The Blogger’s Browser

I’m going out on a limb to say that if there’s a browser bloggers should be using, it should be Mozilla Firefox.

Apart from the inherent speed and good JavaScript handling for the AJAX-powered websites, Firefox simply has the available add-ons to make blogging an easier activity.  Here are a few of my favorite blogger-friendly add-ons that are currently installed in my computer:

  1. Word Count Plus – Not blogging platforms have a word counter, nor all bloggers work with a word processor, so Word Count Plus makes sense. This add on counts the number of words from a selection, which is very useful for bloggers who need to meet a certain word count per post.
  2. Add This – This add-on makes it easier to share blog posts you’ve just finished writing on various Web 2.0 and social media sites. Add This can help in generating traffic to blog posts via these sites.
  3. SeoQuake -  Very handy little tool for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), this may look daunting for newbies, but this tool may be a good stepping stone towards better SEO understanding and appreciation.
  4. Web Developer – Good way to test your blogger’s templates with the CSS editor and CSS disabling.
  5. Fotofox – A pretty spiffy add-on for managing your images and hosting your photos to web apps for images and multimedia.

There are more extensions out there (Mashable already made a feature) for Mozilla Firefox, and it could only pick up from here. And with these customizations that benefit bloggers in different platforms, Firefox stands tall as the bet browser for bloggers.

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Sunday Morning SEO: Stats to Consider for SEO

One of the things I’ve been trying to do recently has been to combine my stats analysis with SEO. Stats analysis and SEO are both powerful marketing strategies so I thought combining them could definitely improve my blog.

Most bloggers just look at their visitor count but if you dig a little deeper in your stats program, you can find data to help you make good decisions about your blog. Read More

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4 Blogging Topic Trends for 2010

2010 is just around the corner and I think it’s never too early to look at topics that could catch the netizens’ fancy.

The topics I’m recommending are ones that have shown a healthy rise in the last few months that is likely to carry over on to the next year. Here are four topics that may rise in 2010:

  1. Television – Several new shows launched this year have definitely caught the viewing public’s attention. These shows include “Glee,” “V,” and “The Vampire Diaries” and these shows could gather more steam by next year and blogging about these shows with reviews could be beneficial in getting good traffic and possibly earnings.
  2. Social Network Privacy – If we are to believe the online social networks’ data, more and more people are signing up and establishing their own online presences. This could also mean more compromised accounts and stolen identities. This topic could focus on a younger demographic that may need some resources on privacy and online reputation handling.
  3. Social Games – We all know that games are big business but niche topics on social games like the ones from Zynga and Playfish are booming. Blogs on tips and tricks on FarmVille and Mafia Wars will definitely have an audience in my opinion.
  4. Finance – The global financial sector is recovering and people may be interested in recovering their financial positions. If you have the know how and have the passion for writing, your financial blog could be 2010’s sleeper hit.

There may be other topics that will explode in December so this topics of 2010 blogging trends will be revisited. :)

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Performancing Reopens Marketplace

Performancing has recently announced the reopening of the Performancing Marketplace.

Prior to its brief hiatus (due to software migration) the Perf Marketplace had been an active portal for buying and selling of blogs, software, and related services. The new Marketplace aims to bring this back. With a free-flowing format (forum-based), Performancing hopes that users can have meaningful exchanges of information and fruitful trades of products and services.

Along with the recent free signup promo for the Hive and the reopening of the Jobs board, the Marketplace relaunch is just one of the efforts the Performancing team is doing to ensure a vibrant community of new media professionals. Sign up now for free, or browse the current listings.

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WordPress 2.8.6 Security Release

The WordPress team is currently hard at work in completing version 2.9 but that doesn’t mean they’re going to allow their older versions to be open with vulnerabilities.

As a security release, WordPress releases version 2.8.6 which fixes two security problems that can be exploited by untrusted users in your blog who have posting privileges.

The first problem is an XSS vulnerability in Press This discovered by Benjamin Flesch.  The second problem, discovered by Dawid Golunski, is an issue with sanitizing uploaded file names that can be exploited in certain Apache configurations.

Download version 2.8.6 from or you could just upgrade automatically through your blog’s WordPress Dashboard.

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Be a Member of Performancing Hive for Free!


Performancing Hive is a dedicated forum specially built for professional bloggers. Their membership usually costs $10 a month but right now they’re giving it away for free to anyone who is interested to join. Yes, you’ve read it right, free!

All you need to do is to sign up by filling in the form found here using the code 093588648A.

This promo is valid only until the 11th of December so you may want to sign as soon as possible!

For questions or comments regarding Performancing Hive you could leave them on the post found here.

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WordPress for iPhone 2.0 Video

If you are a WordPress user who owns an iPhone and you still don’t know, there’s this free application on the iPhone called WordPress for iPhone that let’s you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and moderate comments on your WordPress blog just by using your iPhone.

To know more about this plugin you can watch the video below from WordPress.TV which gives a basic introduction of what the application can do.

The app supports both and self-hosted WordPress and is currently in version 2.0. Best of all, it’s free!

You can grab it on the AppStore by clicking here.

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Movable Type Monday: MT5 Release Candidate, Event Calendars, Melody Update, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Well, after several rounds of beta testing, the first release candidate of Movable Type 5 is here. Lots of changes since the last beta, including:

  • New Pico theme.
  • Fixes for FastCGI bugs.
  • Lots of improvements for backup and restore.
  • A ton of bug fixes.

According to the schedule, there should be one more release candidate in mid-November, then a final release of 5.0 during the first week of December.

Besides the app itself, a lot of work is being done on the MT5 documentation. Beau Smith announced that the doc index and a page of recent updates is now available. Here’s hoping they have time to release a lot more documentation before MT5 ships. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Long Tail Keyword Research With Google Analytics

One of the things SEO specialists often talk about is the power of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are the search terms with 3 or more words that don’t have high search volume. The shorter keywords have higher search volume but in aggregate, the long tail keywords provide the bulk of a site’s search traffic.

For example, you can have a Europe travel site that ranks well for europe travel but the majority of your traffic will come from terms like:

  • europe travel deals
  • europe travel guide
  • europe travel packages
  • europe travel books
  • cheap europe travel

Read More

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Blogging for A Company? Makes Sense to Me.

Professional blogging comes in different sizes and shapes. For some, professional blogging is just getting some money for a paid review. And for others, its seeing the checks in gather in the mail from ad networks.

There’s one aspect of professional blogging I feel doesn’t get the cred it deserves: the Hired Blogger aspect.

Hired blogger are on a company’s payroll like regular employees or a consultants on a retainer. Depending on the arrangement, the hired blogger may be paid per per post or a fixed salary with specific goals and measured performance indicators. Responsibilities include writing blog posts on topics surrounding the company’s business and making sure that the blog posts are error-free and interesting enough to be shared around by the blog’s readers, and hopefully the company’s customers.

If you ask me, this kind of professional arrangement makes sense to the company and the blogger.

It really boils down to stability and consistency in the professional relationship– the company has a steady hand behind the blog and the company can give direct feedback about the posts with little fear that the blogger will just jump ship. The blogger, on the other hand, will have a predictable stream of income.

The only caveat here is the motivation factor. Money will never be the full motivator for the blogger to come up with good posts, so the company has to keep an eye on the hiring process to really see the candidates who really has the passion.

As I’ve said, blogging is marked by passion and but when a company tries to leverage on this passion, is there really anything amiss? From the professional side of things, it just makes sense if you ask me.

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