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Blogging For The Now

One of the reasons blogging rose to prominence is because of the inherent recency of its content. No longer were people going to wait for the end of the day for a well-researched and well-written article to appear on the web, but a couple of hours would be enough.

There’s really no debate that blog posts should come out as soon as possible, but as as blogger, how concerned should you be about the shelf-life of your blog posts?

I got inspired by a little nugget of insight I saw in Twitter. I read that social media stories have a half-life of 69 minutes. That means that the popularity of a story posted in social media sites gets halved approximately every hour. Doing the math, by the time the day is approximately halfway through, your blog post would have disappeared into obscurity. Imagine that.

Of course there are other variables that come into play, such as the popularity of your blog, the audience you are catering to, and the “hotness” of the topic or issue, but nonetheless this gives bloggers the motivation to write for The Now—meaning write content that people will find relevant, interesting, or useful in the short term.

By blogging for The Now, bloggers cater to the increasing demand for new information and addressing the shortening attention span of the netizens.

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