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Want to Improve Your Blogging? Improve Your Mood.

One of the most common tips top bloggers give to novice bloggers is to blog about something they are very passionate about. But as we all know, people’s interest level fluctuates and is rarely constant. Today, you may be so inspired you could write a new treatise on food blogging, tomorrow, you could barely even write a word about cupcake.

So how do you avoid that kind of inconsistency? The answer may be found outside your notebook computer.

It has been found that moods can affect work and an improvement in a person’s mood results in a positive outcome at work very often.  There have been studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business that strongly suggests that mood you bring to work sets the tone for the rest of day and affects productivity.

Mood improvement differs for person to person, but here are a few tips that may help bloggers:

  • Blog in a comfortable place – Blogging on the go can be exciting but really stressful. In order to come up with a quality post, try to find a place where you can site comfortably and has good lighting.
  • Take a little break – So you’re a blogging junkie, but that doesn’t mean you should be in front of your computer 24/7. Little breaks can be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.
  • Work in your own machine – Have you tried blogging in someone else’s notebook? It feels like you’re visiting a foreign country if you ask me. Try as much as possible to bring your own machine if you’re blogging actively and on the go.
  • Avoid blogging right off the bat – Athletes always warms up before competition and there’s wisdom in that. Some bloggers may find it refreshing to watchthat funny viral YouTube video before opening WordPress or Blogger.

Like I’ve said, ways of improving one’s mood vary. But one thing is clear: a better mood will result in better, more enjoyable blogging.

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  1. Sarge | says: 12/16/2009

    I would add that you want to be in comfortable surroundings – ie with heater or aircon if it’s too hot or cold. Here in Brisbane, Australia at the moment it’s TOO hot and we don’t have air-conditioning so I’m forced to use pedestal fans but feel I would work so much better at home if I had aircon.

    Also – getting enough sleep. Get your 7-8 hours sleep, get up have breakfast bit of exercise and you should feel great for the days work/blogging.

    Sarge |


  2. muzik dinle says: 12/18/2009

    thanks so much. greetingz from Turkey


  3. Kian Ann says: 1/2/2010

    I can really relate to that “Work in your own machine” thing. I am used to working on a 20″ screen plugged to my laptop, and now I can’t even work on my laptop without the external monitor! Too used to the bigger resolution!


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