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Sunday Morning SEO: Why Should You Evaluate Sites?

In my last post, I talked about using an SEO tool to evaluate a site’s link authority. In this post, let’s look at why you should be evaluating sites and how to apply the information you get from your research.

Getting quality backlinks is the best competitive advantage you can get in SEO. Backlinks are a major part of the search engines’ algorithms and it’s much harder to copy someone’s backlinks than their keywords.

You can focus on keywords but keywords are easy to implement. Once a webmaster figures out that they are important, he can look at the free keyword tools, find relevant keywords, and then add on their website. Compare that process to building links on quality sites.

That’s why the search engines place a lot of value to backlinks on their algorithms. With the early search engines, you could just place keywords on your site and you would rank pretty quickly. Savvy SEOs realized this and created many low quality sites that dominated the search results. Google became the best search engine by focusing more on links instead of keywords on a site. This focus helped Google create search results filled with more quality sites than their competitors.

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iFriendfeed With Freshfeed (And So Should You)

Before the Facebook acquisition last August, Friendfeed was known as an online haven for geeks, free of the tweet spam that has long infested Twitter.

Fast forward towards today and one will discover Friendfeed to be mostly vacant save for the presence of super geeks (like Scoble).

For those of you who still refuse to forsake Twitter’s former rival, you may want to check out Freshfeed, an iPhone app created by Read More

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iPhone: Seven (7) Must Have Photo Apps For Mobile Probloggers

If there is one thing that every blogging pro had in common, it would be the fact that all of them have an image or video alongside of every post that they write.

Although there are are plenty of video editing apps available on Steve Job’s favorite geek toy (after the iPad of course), users may be wondering which photo apps (out of the hundreds available) are worth their hard earned cash.

While many photo apps pretty much duplicate each other (whether it comes to cropping, hue effects, sharpening,searching, etc.) here are 7 from the app store that have really stood out from the rest. Read More

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Seven Reasons Why You Need An iPad If You’re A Serious Blogger

There, I said it. If you’re a serious blogger, proud of your blogging, you need an iPad.

Stop complaining about the lack of Flash because you’re off the mark. Don’t label the iPad as underwhelming without understanding the device, all while still being blinded by the pre-announcement Unicorn device hype.

Now the iPad has been unveiled we can accept its platform-changing role and look at how this device will change your routine. More than any smartphone before has.

There’s no way round it. Bite the bullet, shell out those $$$ and get your iPad. Here are more than seven reasons why you should get one.

The Perfect Second Screen, Dual Setup

Once you have tasted and gotten used to a dual screen setup you will not want to return to a single monitor setup anymore. No laptop, or software, is good enough to replace the luxury of having two screens. Neither Spaces nor virtual desktops can anywhere nearly emulate the experience of two screens side-by-side. Bill Gates has three monitors, Al Gore loves to show off his ridiculous three 30″ screen setup. Once you get used to multiple screens there’s no way back. The iPad makes this now possible AND portable. Read More

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Open Source Communities Function Best With Strong Leaders. Perfect Leaders Do Not Exist.

Matt Mullenweg

Finally the news has hit the scene, while being as overdue as this post probably is: there finally is a WordPress Foundation. But this entry is not about the WordPress Foundation but about the weakness of communities and their need for strong leaders, using the WordPress community as a perfect example.

More than two years ago, during the heated sponsored themes FUD debate, I wrote that it was time to return the WordPress trademark to the Community and was also called out, by Matt himself, for it being an attack post. I have been a critic of Matt for a long time already but there is one thing ‘the community’ must understand: Matt has the guts most people would not have. Every community needs their Matt Mullenweg.

Period. Read More

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Joomla Lovers May Have The Greatest iPhone App Ever

For the first time in my geek life, I am seriously tempted to switch away from WordPress, all because of one iPhone app.

Joomla Admin Mobile, an iPhone application created by Covert Apps empowers users belonging to the Joomla faith to not only edit pages and articles, but also add multiple images to them without throwing all of the images at the bottom of the post (like WordPress 2) or near the top (like Squarespace).

Priced at $9.99, Joomla Admin Mobile (or JAM for short) sells at a much higher premium than other Joomla apps, although JAM does offer a few features lacking from its rivals. Read More

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Movable Type Monday: Notes on MT 4.33, Publish Queue Plugin, PicApp

Happy Monday, folks! While I’m sure many of you are busy trying all the new features in Movable Type 5, a lot of users are sticking with MT 4.x for now. And with good reasons: With the addition of Websites in MT 5, users need time to study how that change will affect their sites. It’s also important to test for plugin compatibility.

If you recall, MT 4.33 came out just a couple of weeks ago. For those that haven’t yet upgraded to that version, Six Apart has some details about the changes. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Security Fixes
  • New Configuration Directive
  • Oracle Database Fixes
  • Asset Manager Fixes
  • Template Linked to File Fixes

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen 6A go into this kind of detail about a point release before. I hope it continues with future versions.

You should know, though, that some users have had problems with 4.33 wiping out the data on their dashboard. A fix has been checked in and a 4.34 release should be coming soon.

Also this week, I’ve heard about a couple of new plugins that Endevver (and, more specifically, Byrne Reese) is working on. First is Send2PQ, a plugin that will republish your entire blog via the publish queue. It can also email you when it’s done.

The other plugin, PicApp, gives you access to the PicApp service, which allows you to add high-quality stock photography to your blog.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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Sunday Morning SEO: Using The SEO Toolbar to Evaluate a Site’s Authority

The SEO Toolbar is easily one of my favorite tools. Franky makes a great point that the best SEO tip is simply create great content. But once you’re creating quality posts on a regular basis, you can boost your rankings by intentionally getting links from authoritative sites. This tactic is especially useful for blogs that don’t have a lot of traffic and subscribers. These blogs can get stuck with poor rankings because they don’t have the big audience that generates natural links.

The SEO Toolbar allows you to quickly tell how much link authority a site has. The more link authority, the more benefit you’ll get from their link.

To use this tool, you’ll first have to download the free Firefox browser since it’s a Firefox add-on. (Firefox should be your browser anyways. It’s more stable and secure than IE and it doesn’t have the privacy issue of Google’s Chrome.)

After you install the program, you’ll see the toolbar at the top of Firefox. Every time you surf to a new new page, you get SEO stats for the page and domain you’re visiting.

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Google To Shut Down FTP For Blogger (Thousands Cry Out In Terror)

After unleashing custom domains to the world for Blogger, it looks as if the boys and girls at Google will be shutting down FTP access for the small faction who refused to host themselves upon Mountain View’s servers. Read More

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5 Video Blogging Apps For iPhone Lovers (And Android Freaks)

Last year I wrote a post lamenting about the lack of video blogging apps for the iPhone, especially after Apple launched the iPhone 3GS (not to mention allowing video apps for 2G and 3G iPhones).

Unfortunately the number of iPhone blogging apps embracing video has not improved since then, despite the fact that video editing apps are now appearing within Steve Job’s  backyard (read App store).

After a very long search upon the app store, I was able to locate several apps embracing video blogging (or as some call it, “vidblogging“), as well as a few for Android freaks (that I have discovered online). Read More

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