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Movable Type Tuesday: Posting to MT from Emacs

Happy Tuesday, folks! Sorry for the late posting, but there were administrative issues we had to iron out in moving Movable Type Monday to BloggingPro. Next week we’ll be back on our regular Monday schedule.

This has been a slow week for MT news. Things should pick up over the next week, though, with today’s release of MT 5. As always, if you have some news to share, post it in the comments.

But I did run across one MT tutorial that I wanted to tell you about. Knut Haugen has figured out how to post to MT from Emacs. I know a few die-hard Emacs users that would absolutely love this. Knut is using the weblogger.el xml-rpc interface, which supports a variety of blog APIs. Note the problem Knut has with saving drafts. If memory serves, this problem is common when accessing MT via xml-rpc.

So as not to be accused of bias, I tracked down a vim plugin that posts via the Metaweblog API, which means it should work with MT. I haven’t tried either of these (I’m a Textmate guy, which can also post to MT.), so if any of you have please tell us about it in the comments.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know about that in the comments as well.

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  1. Byrne Reese ) says: 1/5/2010

    So good to see Movable Type coverage at such a great blog! Yipee!

    Next week – consider covering the work being done to implement the Twitter API ontop of MT and Melody!


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