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When Will iDrupal Hit The App Store? (iPhone)

Question: How many geeks does it take to create a Drupal iPhone App?

Answer: Not enough.

iDrupal, an iPhone blogging app under development by Steve McKenzie and Zaheeren (from India) has been in “geek purgatory” for almost a year now, with no sign it will enter Steve Jobs playground any time soon.

Originally started by McKenzie out of the kindness of his heart (and wallet), iDrupal was able to receive a sponsor last October which gave some Drupal geeks hope that this app would be out soon.

A few months later and an elegant Drupal app has yet to hit the app store.

Unless McKenzie can work out his mad coding skills (and I have no doubt that he can), it looks like those of the Drupal faith may have to wait until spring before the app see’s the light of day (on the app store at least).

While iLovers can currently access Drupal via BlogPress, they are unable to upload images upon their own servers (forcing them to rely upon either Flickr or Picasa Web Albums).

Hopefully McKenzie’s iPhone app will be able to change all of that as Drupal’s lack of iPresence doesn’t help their image as a superior rival to WordPress.

(Image: Early screenshot of the upcoming iDrupal UI, Credit: Steve McKenzie)

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  1. Brian ) says: 1/19/2010

    You assert that because Drupal doesn’t have an iPhone app it does not rival WordPress. Really?


  2. Darnell Clayton ) says: 1/19/2010

    Hey Brian,

    As far as PC/Mac access goes, Drupal lovers may be able to champion the software as superior to WordPress, but the lack of presence on the iPhone (or any major smartphone) may convince users to choose WordPress or even Joomla (which has a powerful app–stay tuned for the review) over Drupal as they can manage it “on the go” from their smartphone (which would appeal to non-geeks).


    • Brian ) says: 1/19/2010


      I see the point of your comment. Actually I agree with your comment. I guess it all depends on what you are wanting the platform to do for you. I think the WP is the best blogging platform around and since this is a blog about blogging, the article may be targeted appropriately (although with a hint of bias).

      It would be good to point out that writing an app for a platform like Drupal would be extremely difficult due to the fact that you could not plan for every use case that Drupal fit into. Drupal is so much more than a blogging platform and it seems that the WP app has limitations even handling that (

      I suppose it is good that most smartphones now come with full-fledged browsers. That is after all the “native space” for platforms like WP and Drupal.


  3. iPhone Wallet says: 2/8/2010

    Drupal is a nice app, but supporting smartphones like iPHone should give a big priority so that all consumers will be happy.