Blogger Gives Then Takes Away Pages (Blogger In Draft)

Yesterday Google (finally) launched pages for blogspot fans, enabling them to create a real about section without having to link to their Blogger profile (or an ancient post explaining who the author is).

This feature is currently available for Blogger in Draft (Google’s eternal beta for Blogger)–or at least it was until Google disabled it after experiencing various bugs.

(Blogger in Draft) Update (1/21 @ 8:54 PST): We’ve temporarily disabled creating & editing pages. You can still view the pages you’ve already created. We will re-enable ability to create and edit pages soon.

Despite the bugs (ranging from rendering issues to blank pages) this upcoming feature should help Blogger convince users to stay and blog upon their platform (instead of switching to and perhaps Squarespace as well).

Although Blogger is currently the world’s most popular blogging platform (WordPress comes in at a distant second) the service still has quite a ways to go in order to match against its smaller rivals (especially in the comment spam arena as CAPTCHA’s are dead).

Hopefully we will see Google continue to innovate this service, which has helped millions of users (this author included) embrace blogging as the norm instead of a hobby performed by geeks.

Author: Darnell Clayton

Darnell Clayton is a geek who discovered blogging long before he heard of the word “blog” (he called them “web journals” then). When he is not tweeting, Facebooking, or blogging about space and his beloved iPhone, he enjoys running, reading and describing himself in third person.

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  1. It’s about time blogger did something like this… It maybe the most popular but wordpress wins by a mile. Would be good to see Google take more of an interest in such a massive part of the international blogging scene. Other than in China obviously…!

  2. It baffles me that people still use Blogger… I mean at least switch over to or for a few bucks you can have your own wordpress site

  3. @ Ben: Blogger is more user friendly. Having “grown up” on it, I’ve noticed there are a lot “fewer clicks” when it comes to uploading and positioning images and video. This is probably why it appeals to newbie’s as well as non-geeks.

    @ Dave: You can do the same thing with Blogger (they launched Custom domains 3 years ago), and save some money ($10 with Blogger compared to $15 for for domain and mapping).

    Personally I think using is a waste of time (as you have to pay to heavily customize, an option that is free on Blogger).

  4. The blogger gives the pages but if the google get disabled, after that the pages of the blog will takes away pages.

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