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Joomla Lovers May Have The Greatest iPhone App Ever

For the first time in my geek life, I am seriously tempted to switch away from WordPress, all because of one iPhone app.

Joomla Admin Mobile, an iPhone application created by Covert Apps empowers users belonging to the Joomla faith to not only edit pages and articles, but also add multiple images to them without throwing all of the images at the bottom of the post (like WordPress 2) or near the top (like Squarespace).

Priced at $9.99, Joomla Admin Mobile (or JAM for short) sells at a much higher premium than other Joomla apps, although JAM does offer a few features lacking from its rivals.

What I Loved

Just like most of the other iPhone blogging apps, JAM allows Joomla users to upload images to their server.

However what separates JAM from rivals is not only can edit the image from within the app, without having to launch a photo editing program (like iRetouch) in order to touch up a picture.

Users can easily crop, adjust the image size or rotate pictures (in many fun and various forms) from within the app, saving times and energy when composing an article or section.

Another awesome feature that I love about JAM is the ability to edit user accounts directly from the app itself without having to power up the laptop.

Site admins can grant (or take away) access levels of registered users, change their passwords, email accounts or even screen names on a whim, and last (but not least) block users from logging in if they suspect an account has been compromised.

Admins can also email users registered upon the site from within the app, which is helpful if they suspect an account has been hacked (in which you can alert them of a new password).

Last but not least, JAM does support expandable post summaries, without having to hard code it in (which I have to do with my WordPress app).

What I disliked

Most of what I did not like about JAM had to do with the user interface which is quite ugly when compared to both the WordPress 2 and Squarespace iPhone apps.

When it comes to composing an article, I felt that there was too many “taps” compared to its rivals, which allow you to edit an article immediately instead of showing you a preview first.

Although I did love the basic photo editing features, I did wish the app came with a formating bar for HTML links, similar to what the has.

Also adding video support (perhaps via YouTube?) would be nice as well, as it could help JAM stand out from the crowd (as not many blogging apps have embraced video, despite the launch of the iPhone 3GS).


JAM is a powerful app for Joomla lovers, and perhaps one of the most powerful CMS/blogging apps that I have come across ever since WordPress and BlogPress entered Steve Jobs backyard.

JAM’s closest rival is BlogPress, although the latter does not upload images to your server but via third parties (Flickr and Picasa).

Despite being the only app to fully support Joomla, Covert Apps may want to adjust their pricing of JAM, as many users whine about apps being priced at $5, let alone $10 (mainly due to the global recession).

Overall Covert Apps is a “must have app” for Joomla lovers, and may help the Joomla community enter the blogging mainstream alongside of both Blogger and WordPress.

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  1. Andrew ) says: 1/29/2010

    FYI, Blogpress now supports image uploads directly to your webspace if you’re using WordPress. Not sure about other platforms.


  2. Darnell Clayton ) says: 1/29/2010

    Hey Andrew!

    Yeah, BlogPress supports image upload to Blogger, WordPress and Movabletype.

    Drupal, Joomla, and Typepad you have to choose either Flickr or Picasa.


  3. James Garzaro says: 2/11/2010

    I own the latest full version of JAM! and I find it to be a powerful tool for emergencies where I cannot get instant access via laptop/computer. The only recommendation (besides adding more admin functionality) for Covert Developers is to add a password/PIN to open the App, especially due to the fact that I am the webmaster to a multitude of sites. (See the Starbucks Mobile Card as an example of the feature I am requesting). Otherwise it is a great product which fulfills my emergency needs.


  4. Carsten says: 3/19/2010

    Darnell, I wish I could use my JAM-app as you could. But I can´t get connection with the server that host my site. Only getting an error-message. I have the JAM app, the plug-in is installed properly in Joomla and is activated. Do you have any idea what´s going wrong?


    • Michael -JoomlaAnalyst ) says: 4/1/2010

      I have tried JAM! and it’s indeed powerful tool for Joomla bloogers. However, has ones disadvantage. There is no way to setup meta tags and article discription, which needs to be done logging to admin back end. Other than that, it’s just great.


  5. Garzaro says: 3/19/2010

    Carsten, I noticed that you didn’t mention clicking “Yes” on “Enable Web Services” under the System Tab of the Global Configuration of your Joomla Website. I have JAM active on more than 78 websites that I manage. The only suggestion I have is that they add a PIN to access the App for Security reasons and due to the fact that my nieces and nephews play on my iTouch quite a bit! :)


  6. Noel ) says: 4/27/2010

    We just completed a new mobile phone template for Joomla here: and is only a few dollars for the download, is open-source of course and is being used in production mode in a number of websites. Remember to enable the cache feature if desired.

    Hope someone can use it, we have spent more than a few hours trying to get something generic enough but simple to use that we could share. There will be more versions and layout to come in the coming months.

    Kind Regards


  7. Wolfcry044 ) says: 5/16/2010

    I’d rather use HTC than Iphone. I don’t like Apple products. HTC looks great though. Less restrictive.


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  10. Joomla Native iPhone Application ) says: 1/1/2011

    This utility is cool if you only want to mange your existing website admin via iphone, if you are looking to develop a native iphone application with joomla as the admin – speak us us :)


  11. John says: 2/28/2011

    Well , that’s a great application.But i don’t think enough so you can switch away from wordpress.


  12. Frank Blu says: 7/19/2011

    There is actually another mobile app for joomla that you missed and that is JAdmin! from Their mobile app is currently one of the most popular joomla mobile apps on the net…


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