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First Look at Kirby, WordPress 2010 Default Theme Concept by Ian Stewart

When the WordPress Core Team met after WordCamp Orlando, canonical plugins weren’t the only big announcement for 2010. The other announcement was that WordPress would receive a new default theme in 2010, thus retiring Kubrick by Michael Heilemann.

Jane Wells announced the concept and immediately hinted at what the Core Team was thinking off:

The default theme doesn’t need to be a full-featured framework, it just needs to work well, look awesome, have good code and be a good starting point for beginning themers. We were thinking of a fairly minimalist design that would make it easy to customize.

Basically a ‘2010 Kubrick’, a slim and slick theme with modern look and ‘cutting edge code’. Enter Ian Stewart of Themeshaper and Thematic fame. Immediately after the announcement Ian had tweeted that he would make a concept and release what he thinks could be a candidate for the WordPress 2010 Default Theme. Some weeks later his theme, Kirby, was released in the theme directory.

In an introduction post to Kirby, Ian explains the thinking behind his Kirby theme and why it should not be a framework: Read More

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Echofon Revamps Twitter App, Makes Me Almost Ditch Tweetie

Echofon, the worlds most popular Twitter iPhone app (at least they were last year) has revamped their app by adding additional power that was lacking (at least compared to it’s rivals Tweetie and Twittelator).

Here is their press release, followed by my thoughts after giving it a brief test run (since my time was limited within the geek world today). Read More

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Six Apart Introduces Movable Type 5. “Borrows” WordPress Dashboard Design

As much as we love to report about the state of ‘other than WordPress blog software’ as well here at BloggingPro, we can not help but give the announcement of the newly introduced Movable Type 5 a WordPress spin. And how could we not; the announcement will be completely overshadowed by the new dashboard design of MT 5.

Seriously, Six Apart? Is it April Fools’ Day today? Read More

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Does Forced Email Opt-in Make A Plugin Premium?

According to the Warrior Forums the plugins of MaxBlogPress have been removed from WordPress Extend without any official, apparent reason. MaxBlogPress is the developer of the popular Ping Optimizer and Stripe Ad plugins.

Anyone who has ever used one of MaxBlogPress’ plugins certainly knows to appreciate their value but also has been confronted with the compulsory email opt-in to activate these plugins and has subsequently received regular marketing emails, before unsubscribing.
There have been calls within the forums to ban MaxBlogPress plugins from the plugin repository and it looks as if the plugins have now been banned. I could not find any plugin developed by MaxBlogPress in the repository anymore, all links redirect to the plugins main page.

Let’s be clear up front and keep one can of worms closed: The GPL does allow this. Just like donation buttons in themes and plugins are allowed. Even plugins hosted in the official repository. And that’s entirely fine, it’s allowed by the GPL and a nice way to reward developers and designers. So a forced email opt-in to activate should also be possible or?

What makes a plugin a premium plugin?

Over the last two years the WordPress community has seen a massive shift towards paid, premium themes and slowly more and more premium plugins are available as well. There’s no doubt that the ban hammer used on the sponsored themes has helped this new market to emerge and grow.
A great, and probably the best known, example of premium plugins is the excellent Gravity forms. But in the case of Gravity Forms you do not pay for the plugin; the plugin itself can be used freely but you pay for the support license. Excellent and very fast support.

Are the MaxBlogPress plugins ‘premium’ plugins?

Keeping in mind that MaxBlogPress a marketing specialist is one could argue that every working email address a form of currency is and the plugins thus ‘premium’ are. We will leave the can other can of worms, whether this is ethical permission marketing or does border on spam, closed.

What do you think, do you use any of the MaxBlogPress plugins? Or did/does the forced opt-in activation put you off and should these plugin types be banned from the directory?

PS: I do think that if you want to install ‘unblockable popups’ on your blog, you might as well give your email address to a marketeer and stop whining. Both are just as unethical IMHO. Read More

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Movable Type Tuesday: Posting to MT from Emacs

Happy Tuesday, folks! Sorry for the late posting, but there were administrative issues we had to iron out in moving Movable Type Monday to BloggingPro. Next week we’ll be back on our regular Monday schedule.

This has been a slow week for MT news. Things should pick up over the next week, though, with today’s release of MT 5. As always, if you have some news to share, post it in the comments.

But I did run across one MT tutorial that I wanted to tell you about. Knut Haugen has figured out how to post to MT from Emacs. I know a few die-hard Emacs users that would absolutely love this. Knut is using the weblogger.el xml-rpc interface, which supports a variety of blog APIs. Note the problem Knut has with saving drafts. If memory serves, this problem is common when accessing MT via xml-rpc.

So as not to be accused of bias, I tracked down a vim plugin that posts via the Metaweblog API, which means it should work with MT. I haven’t tried either of these (I’m a Textmate guy, which can also post to MT.), so if any of you have please tell us about it in the comments.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know about that in the comments as well.

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WordPress 2.9.1 Released

After the festive season the dev crew has released an update for WordPress 2.9. WordPress 2.9.1 is a bugfix release and contains no new features. If you have waited updating to 2.9, now is the time to upgrade as most issues have been resolved.

Issues with scheduled posts should be resolved and the same applies to feed parsing errors in the admin dashboard. Update your blogs now via the build-in updater or download the latest WordPress update now.

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BloggingPro 2009 End of Year Winners

Here at BloggingPro we hope that everyone had a wonderful start to 2010 and are happy to announce the winners to our ‘2009 End of Year Giveaway’.

To determine the winners we used a simple PHP random query and selected the winners for every price from all the people who followed BloggingPro on Twitter and retweeted our entries over the last days of the year or who left a comment. Winners will be DM’ed via Twitter and are requested to submit their details ASAP so we can forward the details to our sponsors.

Once more BloggingPro thanks all our sponsors who made the giveaway possible and we are already working hard at organising new giveaways for 2010!

The 2009 BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway Winners!

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes, maintained by designer Nick Roach, gave our readers 4 club memberships. The winners are:


Templatic founder R.Bhavesh was interviewed and gave 3 licenses for the awesome ecommerce theme Store to our readers. The winners are:

Digging into WordPress

Our giveaway wouldn’t have been complete without the popular Digging into WordPress book and we had the pleasure to interview co-author Jeff Starr who gave away 3 copies for our readers:

Smashing WordPress

We started our giveaway with an exclusive and had 3 copies of the soon to be released Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog by TDH. Winners are:

The winners will all be contacted over the next hours via Twitter and stay tuned for more news, interviews, tutorials and giveaway in 2010! Continue following BloggingPro on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, future giveaways might be pre-announced exclusively on one of these platforms!.

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Sunday Morning SEO: The Secret to Successful Link Requests

Link BeggingThe link request can be a very effective tool for link building but it seems to be underused by bloggers. Many of them are hesitant to ask for links. They think it is too intrusive and spammy. Or they are not confident in their content.

Others have tried sending a couple requests but they didn’t have success so they stopped.

If you haven’t had success, here’s a principle that can help. Also, this principle can build your confidence and help you realize that link requests don’t have to be spammy. Read More

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RUMOR: WordPress Creating An Official Android App For Google


Android lovers rejoice! It looks as if WordPress is finally launching an app for Google’s Android OS, after creating apps for both the iPhone and Blackberry (the latter which has video support! iJealous!). Read More

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