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Sunday Morning SEO: How to Discover Your Most Linkworthy Content

In my last post, I talked about checking your stats to find out which posts are attracting links. Then, you can use that information to create similar content and earn more links.

In today’s post, let’s look step-by-step at how to actually discover your linkworthy content. I’ll be using Google Analytics since it seems to be the most popular stats program. It’s free and has many features and stats. But with all complexity in the program, it can look cluttered and it can be hard to figure out how to do simple tasks.

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3 Reasons Why Bloggers May Prefer Twitter Search Ads Over Google’s Adwords

As you are probably aware of by now, Twitter is finally going to unleash ads upon the masses in order to help keep the lights on.

While rumors are still speculating on whether those ads will be within the tweet stream, it looks like All Things D suspects that Twitter will instead place ads within search results, similar to how the mighty Google profits off of search (hat tip: Mashable).

If Twitter chooses to go the tweet search route, it may be wiser for bloggers to spend their marketing dollars within Tweet search than Google Adwords for three simple reasons. Read More

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Will Mobile Apps Help WordPress Replace Blogger As The World’s Most Popular Platform?

Despite the popularity of WordPress (at least among the top bloggers on Techmeme and Technorati), Automattic’s blog platform is a distant second compared to Google’s Blogger (aka BlogSpot).

Whether this is due towards Blogger’s powerful free features or “keep it simple” user interface is subject to debate, but regardless of the reason the fact remains that Blogger is King.

While WordPress’s odds of over taking Blogger on the PC may be as great as Frosty the snowman’s chances of conquering hades by himself, WordPress may be able to surpass Blogger globally thanks in part to the popularity of cell phones worldwide. Read More

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Would You Pay Twitter To Keep Your Stream Ad Free?

Earlier today Mashable linked to a story upon GigaOM announcing that Twitter–a social network loved by numerous bloggers, is about to embrace tweet advertising.

(GigaOM) According to one source in the media industry, Twitter may launch its new advertising platform at the South by Southwest conference, which starts March 12. The social network is apparently working with several major partners for the launch, including “new and traditional media,” the source said.

Although I do recognize that Twitter can not keep providing a free service and keep the lights on indefinitely, there are probably many bloggers (like me) who have no desire to pollute our tweet streams with random ads sponsoring everything from socks to music. Read More

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Movable Type Monday: MT 4.34, Plugins, Themes, Tips, and More

Happy Monday, folks! We’ve got a lot to cover this week. First off, Six Apart released Movable Type 4.34 on Wednesday. Here’s a few of the highlights from the release notes:

  • Corrected a problem with user privilege changes implemented in Movable Type 4.33 that prevented a user from uploading a userpic (a picture of himself or herself) in some situations.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the lib/MT/Summary/ Perl module in Movable Type 4.33 that resulted in “subroutine redefined” errors being reported in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem with the internal search facility within the Movable Type 4 CMS that prevented more than 125 results matching the search criteria to be displayed. Thanks to Mark Carey for the patch.
  • Fixed a problem with the internal search facility within the Movable Type 4 CMS that caused all “Regex Match” searches to return no matches.
  • Fixed a problem in Movable Type 4.33 where searching for entries by date ranges returned incorrect results. This problem was most noticeable to users of the Blog Stats Dashboard Widget. It often displayed no activity for entries or comments regardless of actual activity.

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Sunday Morning SEO: A Simple Way to Create Linkworthy Content

Creating content that attracts links is one of the most efficient ways to build links. Link building is usually a time consuming task so anything that makes it easier is a welcome strategy.

If you read about linkworthy content, you’ll often find articles about the qualities the content should have. For example, some SEO experts talk about using humor or controversy. Others say you should be the first to scoop the latest news while there’s another camp that recommends giveaways and contests.

While these tips can definitely help, I favor a more pragmatic approach. I like to look at the content in my niche (including my own) that’s already getting links and then create similar content. I like this tactic because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

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Is b2evolution Still Relevant In The Age Of WordPress?

Considered by some to be a distant cousin to WordPress (as they have  “same blood“), b2evolution has continued to evolve at a seemingly faster pace than its younger cousin (as b2evolution is on version 3.3.3 while WordPress is on 2.9.2).

Although boasting numerous plugins, template skins and a small but passionate community, b2evolution has nearly faded from the public spot light as most people outside of the “realm known as geek” have never heard of b2evolution (as it brings up blanks stares, unlike WordPress or Blogger). Read More

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WordPress iPhone App To Receive Stats, VideoPress And Push Notifications (Oh My!)

After Automattic showered Blackberry and Android lovers with some WP love, it looks as if iPhone fans may receive not only push notifications, but WordPress stats within the iPhone app as well.

(WordPress For iPhone) One of the most requested features for the WordPress iPhone app has been to include site statistics such as pageviews per post, referrals, and the like inside the app. In fact, according to this trac ticket from 17 months ago, it’s been something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. […]

What I’d love to know is what would people like to see both data wise, and visually, from inside the WordPress for iPhone app – and if something like push notification for stats would be of interest ? [sic]

Having push notifications for stats would be awesome, enabling bloggers to respond to traffic spikes resulting from a breaking news article, a controversial post or (God forbid) a DDoS attack. Read More

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Devil’s Advocate: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger Instead Of WordPress

Despite the power and popularity of WordPress amongst the blogging elite (at least upon the Techmeme Leaderboard), Blogger still remains the dominant blogging platform in the world, with the glorious WP coming in at a distant second.

Some in the WordPress faith may wonder why anyone would consider using Blogger, especially since WordPress boasts thousands (or is it tens of thousands?) of plugins, themes and developers–not to mention awesome smartphone apps upon the iPhone, Blackberry and Google’s very own Android OS.

However upon closer examination, BlogSpot fans may not be as “delusional” as some geeks may think for choosing Google over Automattic, as there are at least 5 major advantages of using Blogger instead of WordPress–both and Read More

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Movable Type Monday: Archives, Comment Spam, CKEditor, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Over the last few weeks, I’ve introduced you to two great new Movable Type blogs: Maarten Schenk’s Movable Tips and Nick’s MT-J. This week we’ve got a bunch of new info from both these sites.

First, let’s take a look at what’s going on over at Movable Tips: Read More

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