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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier, ShortCodes, and Movable Tips

Happy Monday, folks! A couple of weeks ago, Chad Everett released a new version of MT-Notifier, the advanced notifications plugin for Movable Type and Melody. Since then, he’s released a minor update with these changes:

  • Corrected category code for sending all comment notifications.
  • Corrected ordering of permissions for widget installation.
  • Fixed template tag name in widget.

Licensed users can download that update now.

Over at Code Monkey Ramblings, Mike has written a tutorial on generating shortcodes in MT or Melody. Besides showing you how to create shortcodes — reusable text replacement tags — Mike’s tutorial is also a great entry-level lesson on writing MT plugins.

Finally, former Six Apart Europe employee Maarten Schenk has started a blog of Movable Type tips. He’s already got a bunch of great content posted. We’ll cover more of Maarten’s posts in the future, but today I just want to highlight a few:

* Using Movable Type tags inside other Movable Type tags – This is a common problem people have as their learning just what MT is capable of.
* Integrating Google maps into Movable Type, without using plugins – Slick use of Custom Fields to pass a location to Google’s Maps API.
* Why you shouldn’t edit Movable Type’s database directly – Maarten gives a brief explanation of why deleting things from the database is a Very Bad Thing.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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