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Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Golden Rules of Guest Posting

From the early days of the blogosphere, savvy bloggers realized they could get traffic and links by offering free posts to other bloggers. The bloggers receiving the posts were happy to get free content. It was a classic win-win situation.

This strategy of guest posting is not only effective for SEO and referral traffic, but it also builds your reputation, brand, and credibility.

If you want to have a successful guest posting campaign, consider these 3 rules.

1. Relevance

Your post should fit the overall flow of the blog.

Read the last couple entries to get an idea of the style and tone of the blogger. Some blogs are very informal while others have a traditional writing style. Some blogs use many images while others don’t use them at all.

One of the best ways to be relevant is to read the previous guest posts on the blog. Look at what they have published before and create a post that is similar.

2. Quality

Create something so good that it can’t be ignored.

About a month ago, I found out that a PageRank7 blog with 1,800 subscribers and 80,000 monthly visitors was looking for guest posts. As you can guess, the blogger had pretty high standards for the content on his site. I started working on a guest post since PR7 links are hard to come by. I came up with a topic but after 3 hours, I realized the post was not going to be good enough so I scrapped it and started a new post. It took me 7 hours to complete. I did a lot of research and wrote four rough drafts to get the post just right.

I sent off the post and the blogger really like it. He published it within a week.

You might balk at the thought of spending hours creating one post, but oftentimes that’s what it will take to get popular bloggers to notice you. Now you may not have to spend 10 hours like I did but don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to produce quality content.

3. Persistence

The old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

If your post gets rejected or you don’t get a reply, don’t give up. Send it to another blogger. You worked hard at creating a top-notch post, so someone else will be willing to publish it.

About three weeks ago, I sent a guest post but the blogger said they already had similar content. I thought my content was unique but I didn’t say anything. Instead, I moved on. I did some research and found a blog with better stats. I sent them the guest post and they published it within a week.

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  1. Bron ) says: 2/7/2010

    Hi there

    Am finding it increasingly difficult to believe SEO statistics have much relevance any more. But let me quickly explain.

    To of the most significant and rank-worthy sites seem very low – Deviant Art has a page rank of 7 and Interview magazine is only 6. They come from very different backgrounds and with very significant and focussed content.

    I would say they had the Content within Context perfect to receive high ranking.

    Meanwhile Wired has a page rank of 9. This is not to say Wired is wrong but the other two sites I mention should be up at 9 too. (IMHO)

    My concern is that SEO and page rank are so skewed in favor of tech content and tech tricks that they don’t mean anything for ordinary people.

    We manage a site for an art gallery and that has a page rank of 2. But (and we think it’s a big BUT), this site appears in position 1, 2 and 4 in Google search results for art galleries in the county (out of 15,6000 results).

    Therefore my suggestion is Context is far more important than the three “Golden Rules” you suggest.

    – Bron


  2. Dee Barizo says: 2/7/2010

    First, congrats on your top rankings :)

    PageRank isn’t everything, of course. That’s why I gave the other statistics, 1800 subs and 80,000 monthly visitors. If you read my post on getting stats from the SEO Toolbar, you’ll see that I take into account a couple different stats when evaluating a site.

    What do you mean by “Content within Context”? And could you explain how it relates to guest posting? Thanks.


  3. Nimit Kashyap ) says: 2/7/2010

    this is a awesome post, relevancy is certainly very important.


  4. Bron ) says: 2/7/2010

    “Content within Context” is the underlying methodology of all library reference systems, probably originating from the great libraries of Egypt (destroyed by the Romans). The Egyptian scrolls were stored carefully but more importantly they included a small information tile which we would call metadata in today’s terminology.

    Whether using Dewey or other classification systems, or categories/tags on websites or blogs, every one of those systems is intended to assist presentation and retrieval of RELEVANT information.

    You contend that your Golden Rules will “build your reputation, brand, and credibility” and my point is you are building those on a foundation of sand UNLESS the content has value.

    Creating a post that is “similar” to the previous posts, no matter if the quality if good or bad, is fine if you want to preach t the converted. That is why TechCrunch is both valued highly but also fairly boring. Many blogs do not stay tightly focussed and therefore tend to bore after a short time – no matter their “ranking”.

    You can see the worst outcomes of poor blogs and poor posts in the dozens or even hundreds of comments on many “high rank” blogs, all dissecting tiny points of view. The content is too often fuzzy or biased and so that encourages all the comments and links. But none of that adds to dissemination of quality knowledge or quality opinion.

    So you may end up with a great “reputation, brand, and credibility” in a blog space that has little long-term value. Look what happened to AOL and all the other fenced communities that were based on quantity rather than quality.


  5. Dee Barizo says: 2/7/2010

    Bron, thanks for the explanation.

    I looks like agree with you. My 2nd golden rule is to write a quality guest post.


  6. Bron ) says: 2/7/2010

    There is an interesting analysis of Google’s power and the potential Achilles heel facing the company – and more importantly the potential of 80% of results being almost worthless –


  7. Dee Barizo says: 2/7/2010

    I have a theory about search engines. In my experience, Google is by far the best at delivering quality results. However, that’s not saying much since Yahoo and Microsoft’s old search engine are really bad. And Bing doesn’t seem to be better than Google. So, I think there’s definitely an opportunity for a better search engine to enter the market especially if Google keeps rewarding spam and low quality content.


  8. DavidMoore says: 2/8/2010

    Relevancy is an important factor in SEO field because if you are going to post any comment or blog,then it should be relevant to that particular site or topic otherwise it is not important.And this guest posting is look very interesting technique for SEO.


  9. Rinaldi Syahran ) says: 2/10/2010

    yeah nice advice but also must the best advice is persistence hehe. must be also consistent .


  10. Adam Diver says: 2/13/2010

    I am actually running an experiment on guest posting at my site. Mainly to try and measure the benefits of giving away your best content.

    I think you should never underestimate number 2, quality. Doesnt matter who you are, if your post quality is outstanding (not just good) anyone will publish it. After all the point of them allowing guest post is to get outstanding free content.


  11. SEO ) says: 6/18/2010

    You’re reading this because you want to get ahead. And you see job search success or a quality career change as your way to achieve that. Then, doesn’t it make sense to do it the right way?

    What if I told you that most folks in today’s complex marketplace are doing it wrong? As a result they’re taking months to accomplish what could be done successfully in a matter of days. To do right by your job search success you need to be guided by three golden rules. Master these and you virtually guarantee your job search success!


  12. Search Marketing Company says: 8/30/2010

    awesome post. relevancy and quality both are important. thanks for sharing…….


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