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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier 5, Melody, Sorting Entries, and More

Happy Monday, folks! From time to time we talk about Melody, a fork of Movable Type that was started by several top developers in the Movable Type community. Serdar Yegulalp has written a solid introduction to Melody for those that want a better understanding of what the project is and where it stands.

Just yesterday I found out about a new MT blog that I expect to be linking to a lot here in the future. Nick at MTJ is bringing Japanese MT development to the English-speaking world. There’s a lot of great MT work being done in Japan, and with Nick’s help we’ll finally be able to showcase some of it here. For example, Nick has recently written about a few new plugins:

  • Escape Code and Action Streams — Escape Code makes it easier to display sample code in your entries. And this release of Action Streams brings that plugin to MT5.
  • Bypass Dashboard — Let’s you bypass the dashboard when you log in. Particularly useful for people that only have access to one blog.
  • AssetArchives — Create a set of archives for your assets. Could be the easiest way yet to create a photo gallery.
  • Crypt — Let’s you encrypted the published file.
  • System Menu — Gives you a menu for accessing system-level admin pages in MT5. A handy shortcut for those of us that got used to that menu in MT4.

Also, be sure to check out Nick’s coverage of the MT Developers & Designers Conference held recently in Tokyo.

Speaking of plugins, Chad Everett has announced that MT-Notifier 5 is on the horizon. The big change is this version can store templates in the database, which allows for templates to be associated with a context and blog-level templates.

Last week we told you about Maarten Schenk’s wonderful new Movable Tips blog. Here’s a few more posts from his archives:

Finally, Victoria at violasong has some tips for “decruftifying” MT5. Lots of great tips for those about to take the plunge and upgrade.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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