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Family Feud: WordPress Vs WordPress (On The Blackberry, iPhone And Android)

After initially releasing WordPress 1.0 upon the iPhone many moons ago, Automattic seems to be spreading the love by creating WordPress Apps for Android lovers and Blackberry fans.

Although I am grateful for their latest update for the iPhone, it became apparent that not all WordPress Apps were created equal, with some mobile platforms receiving extra attention in the “feature department” than one notable other.

Whether this has to do with the nature of the app stores themselves (i.e. Apple’s aristocracy vs Google libertarianism) is unknown, although here is a brief chart comparing the apps against each other, which may make a few geeks “iJealous.”

WordPress for Blackberry

Of all the WordPress apps on any mobile device, WordPress for Blackberry has the most features–not to mention the fact that it’s the only one that currently embraces VideoPress.

The fact that the Blackberry app also supports custom fields puts it ahead of its brethren, with the additional “more tag” (aka post expandable summary) rubbing salt into my iWound.

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android is the only WP app thus far to support basic WYSIWYG (bold, italics, links–even block quoting!) and there are even future plans of adding WordPress stats as well as VideoPress support later on.

As far as I can tell there are currently no plans to add custom fields as well as the “more tag” within the upcoming app, although I would not be surprised to see these released down the road.

WordPress for iPhone

The only advantage WordPress for iPhone has over its younger brothers is the user interface (which looks like it was actually designed by a caring artist instead of an engineer).

Despite my suspicions that VideoPress will eventually migrate over to the app, I have given up hope that a decent WYSIWYG editor will ever appear within the app (as the link assistance feature can only go so far).


Currently the Blackberry app demolishes its rivals, although I suspect that over the next few weeks we will see the Android pull ahead as the stronger app of the three brethren.

As far as the iPhone WP app goes, I hate to say it but it looks like Apple (for the first time) has the weakest blogging app compared to its rivals–which might signal a shift away from Steve Job’s playground towards more open mobile fields.

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  1. graumobile says: 2/10/2010

    Someone should make an App for windows mobile!


  2. Janestic says: 2/10/2010

    I think blackberry is better.


  3. Rinaldi Syahran ) says: 2/11/2010

    doesn’t know which one more better cause not have it of those gadget.


  4. jav ) says: 9/7/2010

    There is not doubt that blackberry app is far better than the iphone version. I dont know about the android version as I have not used it. But using blackberry version I really had ease , mainly due to the qwerty keyboard ;)


  5. Mike Johnson says: 9/16/2010

    I’m not sure whether to pity the family that has this fued, or see if I can get adopted! To be honest, though, I’ve only ever tried the WordPress app with an iPhone so I guess I’m not much qualified to participate in the debate.


  6. juegos says: 11/8/2010

    blackberry is better. Greetings


  7. sem calcinha says: 2/28/2012

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